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Nowadays, we are all so busy with work and school that we often don’t have time to prepare and cook up a whole meal. We’re always going in and out of the house, and once we come home from a long day, we just want to rest. To stay healthy during these busy days, I

bagged salads at a grocery store

always enjoy eating salad as a side dish along with my main meal. For millions of Americans, bagged salads are a miracle food, the perfect mix of health and convenience.  You can take it anywhere and also add your own favorite toppings. Time-pressed people can easily rip open a bag and pour the leaves right into the bowl. We often forget the “triple wash” rule when it comes to the bagged salads because we expect the leaves to be clean already. This is why the safety of bagged salads has emerged as one of the biggest issues in today’s fresh produce and grocery business.

People tend to forget about the bacteria E.Coli that could be hidden within their bagged salads. The salad industry also doesn’t want consumers thinking about this bacteria as

E Coli Bacteria in salad

well. Therefore, the industry fails to place caution labels on the bags. This is why food companies headquartered in theSalinasValley, the nation’s salad bowl, are rushing to find the “perfect wash” or the perfect solution to prevent any health problems that people can get from E.Coli in their salads. The fresh produce industry have been working on this since 2006 when the local spinach tainted with E. coli killed five people and sent 100 more to the hospital in the worst food poisoning outbreak linked to leafy greens in U.S. history.

Two of the biggest fresh greens produce “Popeye” and “Green Giant” sent their safety team from the industry to search for the special weapon that could carefully clean salad greens. The safety team found the solution. It’s unofficial name is T-128 and is also known as SmartWash. This is a “new industrial salad wash additive that can reduce the E.Coli bacteria from spreading within the leaves” says president     Brennan of New Leaf Food Safety Solutions. The research team has been studying the effectiveness of this product and though it is not the ultimate solution, President Brennan believes that they are getting the industry closer. However, it’s nearly impossible to stop all pathogens from landing on lettuce and spinach leaves.  We need to be more cautious of the foods we consume and especially the bagged salads.  It might take a few minutes to wash the salad before you eat it, but preventing the risk of food poisoning is definitely worth it!

If you’re concerned about other fresh produce, the easiest way to make those greens safe? Cook them. Treat them like meat! If you heat them to 160 degrees, you will kill off E. coli and other pathogens! Thanks for reading, Leave comments below (:

Luke Henry is the Marketing Director at IT Retail, a grocery POS solution provider out of Riverside CA. He is an inbound marketing specialist and manages IT Retail's; Social Media, SEO, PR, PPC, and weekly podcasts. He is an advocate of using non traditional marketing channels to generate business. He enjoys helping others with their inbound marketing efforts and can be reached at lukehenry@itretail.com.
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