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  • Advanced inventory management
  • Efficient self-checkout
  • Stellar reputation for customer service
  • No long contracts & Zero hidden fee
  • Cloud-based, 24/7 visibility into your business
  • Easy to use for everyone




Hear What Our Customers Have to Say About IT Retail

"The people behind the phones of IT Retail make me feel like I have all the support that I need. Working directly with them, I am so happy. You guys have been supportive, responded when I needed help...."
Frank | New Deal Fish Market

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Features Crafted to Streamline and Enhance Your Daily Operations

inventory (11)

Inventory Management

Keep shelves stocked for customers, and efficiently track inventory levels for reorder.
  • Flexible Inventory Options
  • Low Stock Notifications
  • Create Purchase Orders
easy self checkout

Efficient Self-Checkout

Create a seamless self-checkout experience for your customers and reduce checkout wait times.
  • Reduce Wait Times
  • Empower Your Employees
  • Ensure Checkout Security

State-of-the-Art POS Hardware

Optimize your store operations and efficiency with the best point of sale hardware on the market.
  • Advanced Checkout Technology
  • Scale Hardware
  • Easy System Management
cloud based software

Accessible Cloud-Based Technology

Say goodbye to service outages with reliable cloud-based technology that can be accessed anywhere.
  • Keep Your Store Running Always
  • Say Goodbye to Physical Servers
  • Access Your Store Anywhere
easy to use

Easy to Use for Everyone

Easy to use, reliable, and fast software to speed up checkout lines.
  • Keep Your Team Happy
  • Fastest Checkout Experience
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support

Flexible Payment Options

Give your customers the option to pay however they need with flexible payment processing.
  • Freedom to Pay How They Need
  • Offer Contactless Payments
  • Ensure Security with PCI Compliance

Discover the Simplicity of IT Retail: Your All-Inclusive Grocery POS Solution

Seamless Implementation from Start to Finish

"We have two stores and have been happily using IT Retail software on both of them since 2005. Support has been very responsive to our needs and the help desk technicians efficiently respond to our inquiries. If and when we open up another store, IT Retail is the only software system we will use."

Gilbert M.
El Centro Ranch Market

Build Your Perfect POS Hardware Package That’s Easy To Use and Always in Sync.

Custom Build POS

Windows touchscreen PC

Barcode scanner

Cash drawer

Receipt printer

Contactless payment device

Barcode printers, pole displays and much more


Touch PCs

Touch PCs include all of the traditional elements of a desktop computer, with the addition of a touch screen monitor. Touch PCs run your POS and are the most important part of your system.


Receipt Printers

Receipt printers are vital for printing sales transaction records. There are a few different types of receipt printers available on the market.


Cash Drawer

Do People Still Use Cash Drawers?

POS technology changes rapidly, but the one component that has remained constant is a metal box used to securely store cash.


Barcode Scanners

Get a high-quality scanner that will easily pay for itself by reducing checkout times and lines.

Pin-Pad-VX805 (1)

PIN Pads

What is a pinpad?

Pinpads are electronic devices used in a debit or credit transaction. Most people don't carry cash, so they are critical to a business’ POS system.

What Else Do You Need?

From there, dozens of add-on peripheral devices are available to enhance your system, increase its functionality, or improve its performances.

Add-On Peripheral Devices


Label and Barcode Printers

Create adhesive labels that can be used as shelf tags and barcodes. Although many items come with barcodes already printed on them, there's still a need to label non-barcoded items.

Rear Touch LCD Customer Display

Customer Displays

Customer displays show you information about retail items and prices. Typically, they stand alone with a weighted base that can be extended to different heights or they are integrated to the rear of the POS terminal.


Scales and Scanner Scales

Save your business time and money. When your scale and POS system communicate seamlessly, you’ll avoid mistakes. There are several different varieties of scales, however, and understanding of the differences is key in determining which one you need with your system.



Tablets are small, sleek, and mobile, so if space is a limitation or you need to carry around your POS system, then tablets can be very beneficial.


Handheld Inventory Devices

What are handheld inventory devices?

Handhelds, or inventory devices, are mobile computers used to facilitate inventory counts.



What You Use to Swipe Gift Cards

Magnetic stripe readers are no longer used to swipe credit cards, but they still allow merchants to accept gift cards.

IT Retail is Known for Having The Best In Class Support

Phone Support

Enjoy the convenience of direct communication with POS Nation's dedicated support team through our toll-free telephone support.

Live Online Chat

Seamlessly connect with us through our live chat feature on the website, ensuring a hassle-free support experience.


Count on prompt assistance with POS Nation's dedicated email support. Experience peace of mind knowing that expert support is just an email away.

Video Tutorials

Gain access to a wealth of educational resources conveniently hosted on the Teachable platform.

24/7 Help & Technical Support

24/7 support is included for all Flex Monthly customers and is available for Freedom customers who pay for a support agreement. This costs $39.99 per month.

IT Retail's Onboarding Process is What Sets Us Apart

Our job is to make your life easier and to ensure your onboarding process is as smooth as possible.

Meet Your Customer Success Manager
You'll be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who has experience with your industry. Your CSM will guide you through the onboarding process.
Hardware Setup and Software Training
Your CSM will help you set up your POS hardware and will train you and your employees on the software. Let us show you how to unlock the true power of your system!
Inventory Import and Credit Card Integration
Not a required step, but your CSM can help you import all your inventory, saving you countless hours from entering it manually. Integrate your payment processing with your POS to accept all forms of payments.
Go Live and Start Making Money!

Complete as much training as you need, but once you're ready to take off the training wheels, it's time to open your doors! But don't worry, with 24/7 support, we've always got your back.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your burning questions about IT Retail support answered!

How do I contact the support department?
To directly reach the support department, call 951.682.6277.

You can also email us:
How do I set up my all-in-one computer?

To learn how to set up your hardware visit our Knowledge Base

What tools are available to help me get my POS system running?

Every POS system comes with complimentary access to our online Knowledge Base. This will give your staff consistent information regarding the POS system’s features and functionality.

Most customers find that upgrading to our monthly support plan, which includes unlimited training, offers great value and helps them minimize the learning curve.

Starting at $39.99 per month with no long-term contract, our monthly support plan is unmatched in the industry. Our friendly and experienced technicians have taught thousands of classes, so you'll be sure to learn your new point of sale system quickly and thoroughly with just a few hours of training!


What if I want to look up answers myself?

Sometimes it can be difficult to get an immediate answer to a question about your POS system. Or maybe you don't have a support plan and you need an answer fast. The solution is access to our online Knowledge Base!

Just click the appropriate link and start researching your question.

Are there any plans that include monthly support?

Yes! Our $99.99/month Flex Plan offers software, hardware, payment processing, AND unlimited 24/7 monthly support and training. 

Our $999.99 one-time payment Freedom Plan offers 30 days of included support.

Does IT Retail offer technical support after my initial three months are up?
Yes! We are happy to provide technical support for as long as you have your POS system. However, after your first month of free technical support expires, we do require the purchase of our monthly support package, which starts at $39.99 per month and includes no long-term contract.
Does IT Retail offer any other services I should know about?
Of course! We are proud to offer additional customization services including inventory import, accounting integrations, and credit card integrations.
What warranty comes with the system?
When you buy a complete point of sale system at IT Retail, your order comes with a manufacturer's warranty included in the price of the system. Depending on the bundle selected, you can receive between a one and three-year manufacturer's warranty. If you decide to go with our Flex Monthly subscription program, you'll receive our lifetime warranty.

Additionally, if you happen to get a defective piece of hardware, we offer complimentary next-day replacement within the first 30 days of ownership – we’ll even cover the cost of shipping!
I forgot my software license code. How can I find it?
We typically email your software license code the day you purchase your system. Check your inbox for an email with a subject that includes "software registration and training", or just give us a call.
If I leave a voicemail for your support department, will you really call me back?
Absolutely! We have technicians standing by ready to assist.

Learn Why Small Grocery Owners Say:

"IT Retail is the only software system we will use."