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Your grocery store software demo will include a walkthrough of IT Retail catered to your grocery store's unique needs.


We delight our customers by giving them the best grocery store POS system and service available to grocers. There may be grocery store software options with more features, but we are unmatched when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Built by Grocers Just Like You

Our founder, Martin Goodwin, was a third-generation retailer who built a better system for point of sale. Today, we’re proud to be continuing that dream.

A Complete Solution

Learn how products are selling, and more importantly, which products are not moving and are taking up valuable shelf space.

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Hear real stories and testimonials from our happy customers, and what they have to say about IT Retail’s POS system for grocery stores.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Grocery Point of Sale Systems

IT Retail's grocery store software is built by grocers, for grocers. Our grocery store registers and system saves you time and money in the long run.

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Do I need to buy a back-office computer or a server?

No additional back-office computer or server is required for our POS system. It is designed to plug directly into your network. You can access the back-office functions from any internet-connected device, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or an existing back-office computer.

How much does this POS system cost?

Our POS system pricing is tailored to your specific needs. Please reach out to our sales team for a custom quote. Typically, our packages, which include the POS system and all necessary hardware, are priced under $3,000.

Will my POS work with my existing hardware?

To determine compatibility with your existing hardware, please contact our support tech or sales team for an evaluation. We'll need to assess your current setup before providing a definitive answer. Our rugged grocery store registers are built to handle years of wear and tear, should you end up needing a new setup.

Will this work with my Deli Scales?

Yes, our POS system is fully compatible with Deli Scales. We support price-embedded barcodes and offer the capability to synchronize prices and product descriptions with a variety of Deli Scales.

Does the system work with EBT?

Absolutely. Our system is fully compatible with EBT transactions. It supports tax-exempt transactions, partial EBT tenders, and more to provide a seamless checkout experience.

Does the system work with EWIC?

Currently, our system does not integrate with EWIC. If your store requires EWIC transactions, you must use a separate EWIC terminal.

Does the store integrate with major wholesalers?

Partially. Our POS system currently integrates with some of the major wholesalers in the United States. We are continuously expanding our integrations. Wholesalers can send price updates daily or weekly, which are then batched and updated in the POS.

How do I access my sales reports?

Sales reports are accessible from any internet-connected device, ensuring you have access to your data anytime, anywhere.

What happens if I have no Internet? Will my POS stop working?

Our POS system is equipped with offline capabilities. It continues full scanning operations even without internet connectivity. For payments, our 'store-and-forward' feature allows continued card transactions during offline periods, or you can opt to accept only cash. You have full control over this setting.

How much does it cost, and is there maintenance or a monthly fee?

Our software is available for a reasonable monthly fee per lane. This fee covers the usage and maintenance of the software.

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