Next-Level Grocery POS Functionality

Your demo will include a custom walkthrough of IT Retail catered to your grocery store’s unique needs.

We delight our customers by giving them the best product and service available to grocers. There may be systems with more features, but we are unmatched when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Built by Grocers Just Like You

Our founder, Martin Goodwin, was a third-generation retailer who built a better system for point of sale. Today, we’re proud to be continuing that dream.

A Complete Solution

Learn how products are selling, and more importantly, which products are not moving and are taking up valuable shelf space.

Being a new business owner, I wasn't sure what to expect from this product, but their staff has been incredibly responsive and have always taken my needs and suggestions into consideration. I love using their software, IT Retail is extremely easy to use. Some of my favorite features include entering the end-of-day totals, reporting, and the ability to edit the register buttons. I don't intend on using any other POS system for my business. I'm looking forward to growing our relationship!

IT Retail allows me to better run my store with a reliable front-end system and a back-end system that can provide me with the information I need to make timely decisions. Every issue has been addressed and resolved quickly by their friendly support staff. IT Retail offers so much it is hard to learn all the features.

I love the software. It's one of our greatest advantages to have such a good software in this competitive industry. We have used it for about 26 years now. They are constantly developing, staying up with the best technology, and trends to help small independent grocers. I love their customer focus/loyalty program. Their service has also been fantastic.