Jul 022013
The Grocery Manager's Creed

I have spent hours installing IT Retail’s software at grocery stores, supporting the software, and improving the software, during which I have had continual interaction with grocery professionals. My education is in marketing and my blood is entrepreneurial so I am constantly assessing businesses, looking for key factors that make businesses succeed as well as [...]

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Jan 242013
NGA Show

  Come see the IT Retail booth at the NGA show Feb. 11 – 12 for a personal and friendly demonstration of cutting edge technology in the grocery POS industry!   Our booth has a complete, functional, and  comprehensive  Point of  Sale system for you test out.   See you there!  

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Jul 032012
Social Media is Taking Over

When I cook I use all of my mom’s “secret” recipes, supposedly these recipes have been in our family since my great-great-great grandmother! But between us, I sometimes go online and look up recipes on how to make a certain dish (tell my mother I’ll deny it!). It’s not that I don’t enjoy my family’s [...]

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May 252012
The Cure to Obesity Could Be A Fat Tax!

There have been a lot of theories of how a country can beat the obesity problem that the world is facing. But I most recently heard a theory that I liked but at the same time I didn’t. A research facility in England believes that they found the cure to obesity…….a fat tax! Yeah you [...]

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