Jul 022013
The Grocery Manager's Creed

I have spent hours installing IT Retail’s software at grocery stores, supporting the software, and improving the software, during which I have had continual interaction with grocery professionals. My education is in marketing and my blood is entrepreneurial so I am constantly assessing businesses, looking for key factors that make businesses succeed as well as [...]

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Apr 122012
Self-Checkout Criminals On the Rise

Many grocery stores these days have adopted self-checkout stands to help speed up and enhance customers’ shopping experiences. Self-checkout stands certainly benefit the customers, but perhaps more than the company would like them to. A new wave of self-checkout theft has been taking place and could possibly be happening right front of you. Have you [...]

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Apr 072012
Local VS Organic Produce

There are many different options available when it comes to buying groceries, such as buying your produce locally or preferring an organic option. More and more customers have been embracing the organic food movement but have not yet convinced the majority. In a recent study showed that 52% responded to a survey saying buying produce [...]

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Apr 062012
The Ultimate Meat Label

When I go to the grocery store to pick up any kind of raw meat to cook for dinner, I always find it difficult to choose which piece or package is the “best.” What exactly are you supposed to look for in order to choose the best tasting piece? Do you judge by the biggest [...]

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