Point of Sale System

General Store

That’s where IT Retail comes in.

Our point of sale was designed to give general stores a better understanding of their store. We carefully analyzed the needs of the general store and built what we believe is the best POS for general stores.

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Saving Calculator

We’ve constructed a calculator to show how much your Trading Post can save by implementing a POS system.

You’re only a moment away from seeing your numbers.

Pssst, our POS systems have saved stores running electronic cash registers thousands of dollars.

We love our point of sale software. Our customers love it too. People from the city can use Apple Pay and Google Pay. We get daily reports on sales, and can look at what season we need to order more camping gear for specialty food items. We use it in our meat department and cafe, and have had no problem with it. We highly recommend it to any general store.

Inventory Made Easy

Keeping new products stocked is essential for maximizing profits. Our general store inventory management solution makes it easy to keep track of a diverse inventory.

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Take it Anywhere

Keep track of your store wherever you go. All of your data is securely backed up to the cloud so that you can see sales, inventory, employee performance, and more from anywhere. Plus, you can use any device (like your laptop, tablet, or phone) to check in.

Fight Employee Theft

We know keeping track of employee performance and scheduling can be difficult, especially when your store is always open. Our general store scanning system combines scheduling information with employee performance, and provides intelligent insights on every transaction.

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Keep Checkout Convenient

IT Retail and its hardware support the latest in payment technology including Apple Pay, Google Pay, 1-Second EMV, EBT, and swipe. The faster your customers can check out, the happier they’ll be.
New Payment Tech

Full support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, EBT, EMV, and swipe. And to top that off, credit transactions work even when the internet is down.

Sell Age-Restricted Items

Sell alcohol, cigarettes and other age-restricted items. We help cashiers abide by the law by enforcing date of birth to be entered at the register with every age-verify item.

Always Fast

Specially designed for speed and reliability at the check stand. We understand that general stores need a POS to be fast, and check out customers at lightning speed. That’s what we do!


We Work Hard, Just Like You

We've designed point of sale systems for over 25 years and are experienced in supporting local businesses.