Looking to increase speed at checkout?

A fast, reliable scanner scale can help.


That’s where IT Retail comes in.

Our point of sale integrates with the fastest grocery scanner scales. We designed our system to shave seconds off transactions and help cashiers be more efficient. We’ve worked hard to enable compatibility with the best hardware available for grocery stores.

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Quick Scanning and Weighing

Our scanners save seconds on every item scanned, making the checkout process faster for cashiers and more enjoyable for customers. We believe it is the best grocery scale and scanner in its class.

Keep Checkout Convenient

At IT Retail, we work hard to bring the best POS solution to grocers while having the ability to integrate smoothly with the best equipment. We’re excited to offer the most modern, new, reliable, efficient scanning and weighing system in the business. We believe it is the fastest scanner scale in its class. We know our scanner scale will save time and money, and overall improve the checker and customers’ experiences.
Comfort of Reliabilty

Innovation at the point of sale with a modern sleek design for a long device lifespan and fewer separate components to encounter problems. The largest scan zone in its product class, each scanner is a custom build, and delivers the best “swipe-and-go” capability.

Fastest Checkout

Our scanner scale is the fastest scanner and fastest weighing in its class. The most up-to-date and advanced scanning technology ensures to capture instantly every electronic and printable barcode.
Overall, healthier and faster for cashiers (more ergonomic/no lifting items for weigh/scan).

Unrivaled Manageability

Better hardware technical support and easily shippable programming updates. Our scanner scale has the lowest power consumption in the industry, up to 60% LESS! Now that's impressive! A grocery scale that no one can compete with.

IT Retail POS System

We Work Hard, Just Like You

IT Retail is built and supported by the team at IT Retail.
We’ve designed point of sale systems for over 25 years and are experienced in supporting local businesses.