Self-Checkout for the  Modern Grocer.

Enable independence for customers.
Improve Checkout Convenience
Tailor your self-service checkout experience for the busy shopper. Increased convenience at checkout gets customers through the store faster, meaning your store can process more transactions with less staff.
Accelerate Store Operations & Services
Most grocery stores dedicate one associate for two to six self-checkout kiosks. Self-checkout saves on labor costs, allowing more associates to support and serve shoppers by eliminating the need for one-lane cashiers.
Multiple Service Modes
You can switch between cashier-assisted and self-service modes for optimal performance. Match your checkout experience to your customers’ needs.

Features of IT Retail

Innovative Self-Checkout Kiosk

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Save at the Checkout Lane

Our system streamlines transactions, improving checkout efficiency. IT Retail's self-checkout kiosk is versatile for various retail settings. Customers benefit from speed and simplicity, while you save on labor costs and enhance store operations.

advanced technology

Advanced Technology

A wide array of tender options, remote attendant station with traditional register capabilities, comprehensive configuration options, realScanTM 79 Bi-optic imager, extensive security, including weight verification, internal security door, and more


Contactless Self-Checkout

Intuitive user interface with features, such as 10-key multi-touch capability and “follow-me” indicator lighting. The self-checkout kiosks also allow employees to concentrate on more critical responsibilities, reducing labor requirements.



Dedicated Support Team

Full range of services, including 24/7/365 support, project management, deployment, business consulting, and installation

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Customer Success Stories

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Installation Success

We service every kind of grocery retailer, from small, mom-and-pop shops to global chain grocery stores. IT Retail’s self-checkout kiosk offers the best checkout service for your customers’ in-store experience. We’ve successfully installed multiple self-service kiosks in Lowe’s, a large supermarket chain in Texas.

Lowe’s wanted to work with a company that would become a true partner in the process. “Lowe’s likes to partner with companies we can have a long-term relationship with,” says Rory Glidewell, IT director for Lowe’s Supermarket. “We’re really partners — more than just us paying IT Retail and them providing a service.”

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The Full Solution

At IT Retail, we understand customers are pressed for time. Customers want faster checkouts, shorter lines, and added convenience. Our self-checkout solution brings these features to grocers with the best equipment and software in the industry. Give your customers the freedom to choose between self-service and traditional checkout.

The Full Solution
“The reduced labor cost from self-checkout saves thousands of dollars and allows employees to work on other important tasks. Self-checkout lanes save on labor costs, speed up check out, and allow more associates to support and serve current shoppers by eliminating one-lane cashiers.”
- Sarah K.
Industry-Leading Tech
  • Multiple intelligence processors
  • Accept multiple bills at once, saving time at checkout
  • Ultimate scanning speed and accuracy in 1 and 2 dimensions
  • Balancing tills made easy with a software-assisted process
Modern Appeal
  • Enhanced visibility between attendants and shoppers
  • Responsive, multi-touch screen
  • Vivid LED lighting
  • Optimized power consumption with industry-leading efficiency
Software Compatibility
  • Friendly user interface for shoppers
  • Easy for first-time users
  • Printable receipt
  • Automatic money back
  • Hand sensitivity
  • Product lookup
  • Gesture-controlled scrolling
  • Continuous checkout display
  • User has full control over transactions and tendering
Complete Solution
  • Complete IT Retail for Supermarkets POS Integration
  • Grocer-designed user interface
  • RealScanTM 79 Bi-optic imager
  • Extensive POS security
  • Flexible tender options
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Remote attendant station

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