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Supporting Local Business

It’s our goal that grocers have great technology supporting their businesses. Carl Fantasia is the owner and operator of New Deal Fish Market, the first customer of IT Retail for local markets. In this brief interview, Carl discusses how IT Retail has helped his store by speeding up transaction times and providing him with important data to run his business.

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The Inception of IT Retail for Local Markets

After over a year of development, Luke and Stephen hit the street looking for the first customer for IT Retail’s local markets platform. New Deal Fish Market was a store around the corner from Cambridge Innovation Center (where the team was located). Carl was fed up with the long lines and realized that he needed to take his business to the next level. Since Carl was the first, many of his feature requests made it into the product. For anyone looking to run a successful Fish Market, Carl helped build the POS solution with the tools that you need.

The Inception of IT Retail for Local Markets

Inventory Made Easy

Keeping new products stocked is essential for maximizing profits. Our meat market inventory management solution makes keeping track of a diverse inventory easy. Also, it’s smart enough to track the pounds sold of any scalable item.

Inventory Made Easy

Take it Anywhere

Keep track of your meat market wherever you go. All of your data is securely backed up to the cloud so that you can see sales, inventory, employee performance, and more from anywhere. Plus, you can use any device (like your laptop, tablet, or phone) to check in.

Fight Employee Theft

We know keeping track of employee performance and scheduling can be difficult, especially when your store is always open. Our meat market POS system helped match suspicious transactions with video footage to catch employees stealing.

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Blazing Fast Checkout

IT Retail and its hardware support the latest in payment technology including Apple Pay, Google Pay, EMV, EBT, Gift, and swipe. The faster your customers can check out, the happier they’ll be.
Compliant Payments

Full support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, EBT, EMV, gift and swipe. And to top that off credit transactions work even when the internet is down.

Sell Random Weight Items

UPC’s that start with a 2 have the price or the weight is encoded into the barcode. Meat counters often use scales to weigh the meat put a sticker on the butcher paper and then the system scans the price encoded in the Barcode. We support that no problem.

Always Fast

Specially designed for speed and reliability at the check stand. We understand that meat stores need a POS needs to be fast and checkout customers at lightning speed. That’s what we do!

Blazing Fast Checkout

Highlighted Features

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