Reports Built by Grocers Like You.

Exposing the numbers you need to run a successful business.


We delight our customers by giving them the best product and service available to grocers. There may be systems with more features, but we are unmatched when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Built by Grocers Just Like You

Our founder, Martin Goodwin, was a third-generation retailer who built a better system for point of sale. Today, we’re proud to be continuing that dream.

A Complete Solution

Learn how products are selling, and more importantly, which products are not moving and are taking up valuable shelf space.

Customer Success Stories

Hear real stories and testimonials from our happy customers, and what they have to say about IT Retail’s POS.

IT Retail was Founded by Grocers.


See information relevant to your business. With POS sales reports like End of Day and End of Week, you can get a quick-but-detailed glance at your store’s performance.


We’ve worked with retailers for over 25 years to perfect our reporting feature and make sure you’re getting the information you need.

Usage Simplicity

Every report is designed for simplicity of use. We believe retailers should have access to their information without hesitation or confusion.

Historical Reporting

Compare numbers with historical reporting. Learn the patterns of your store’s performance and adjust your staffing and inventory appropriately.

Compare Any Time Range

Learn how your store is performing.
Compare any range of time.

Intuitive Comparison

Learn how your store is performing based on comparisons between date ranges to make the best adjustments for your operations.

Does one department sell better in the summer compared to the winter? Learn statistics like this with our expandable grocery reports.

Plus, you can utilize departments, department groups, and sections to organize everything exactly as you’d like.

Intuitive Comparison

Understand How Products are Selling

Visual graphs to describe product performance and top sellers.
Top Performers at a Glance.

See what your customers are purchasing with the ‘top performers’ tool on IT Retail.

Use the ‘top performers’ tool to see your key products and their behavior per day.

With a department breakdown, you can easily see the most influential departments in your store.

Top performers at a glance.
See Rich Details When Needed.

Use our product sales report for advanced filtering of each product.

Sort by department and vendor and see a full list of movers and non-movers.

You can even see how your product sales are changing with price adjustments and other changes.

See the Exact Receipt from Every Transaction.

Our electronic journal stores a record of what happened at every transaction.

Digitally view the exact receipt that was printed when the transaction occurred.

Track what your customers and cashiers are doing during the transaction.


Take Your Store on the Go.

See your store’s performance from anywhere. Use your phone, tablet, or computer to check sales wherever you go.
Simple Interface
Simple Interface

Your sales dashboard is optimized for mobile, giving you a high-level overview of store performance.

Valuable Information Where You Need It

Using IT Retail's cloud-based data access, we’ve optimized our dashboard to show you the most relevant information first.

Accessible On Any Device

iPhone and Android users alike can monitor their store performance using our web-based interface.

Data You Can Work With

Utilize your store’s data to expand, grow, and understand your business better.
We Believe the Key to Growth is Working with and Understanding Your Data.

We built our grocery reports to make that easy.

You can also export your data to Excel and QuickBooks so you can use the tools you love to work with your store’s numbers and performance data.

Quick Books And Excel