10 Best Investments for Grocers

Part of being a business owner is investing. Investments for grocers are no different. If you’re looking for ways to improve your store, here are ten great investments to make.

1. The Point-of-Sale System

A POS system is the heart of a store. It’s involved in everything, from inventory to reports to transactions. Having a sound POS system will improve the efficiency of your entire store. IT Retail’s POS software is an excellent choice. Started by a third-generation grocer for grocers, IT Retail is a cloud-based system with different levels for stores of all sizes. With easy training and even easier transactions, IT Retail can change your business for the better.

2. Loyalty Programs

Most stores today have loyalty or membership programs for a good reason. A Forrester survey from 2017 found that seventy-two percent of adults online are enrolled in a membership program. Half of the respondents had their purchases influenced by a loyalty program. Over three-quarters stated that they had saved money through a loyalty program. By implementing a loyalty program in your store, you can encourage new customers to shop and keep old customers returning.

3. Improving Thriving Departments

When looking at what to improve in your store, pay attention to the most successful departments. If customers are already spending a lot of money there, positive changes can encourage them to spend more, and draw in other customers. 

4. Taking Your Store Online

While there has already been a trend of customers preferring online shopping, COVID-19 has fast-tracked it. Consumers spent $5.3 billion on grocery and delivery pickup in April of this year. Grocers need to have an online shopping option for their customers, especially in a post-pandemic world.  IT Retail has a helpful tool that gives its customers a quote to set up an e-commerce site. With a comparison of their e-commerce integration partners, you can find the perfect partner for your business.

5. Find a Social Media Marketing Agency

Building a social media presence is vital for any business. The 2020 Social Media Examiner Industry Report surveyed 5,200 marketers on their social media marketing. They found that benefits included more exposure, increased traffic, developing loyal fans, improving sales, and growing business partnerships. While it may seem challenging to build an effective social media presence, George@itretail.com can help. They can develop your presence efficiently while maximizing your budget. If you’re unfamiliar with social media or haven’t yet created a presence for your business, invest money in hiring a social media marketing agency to help you out.

6. Customer Service Training

Investing in your employees means investing in your business. Workers represent your business, especially as the most direct link to customers. Many customer service training programs are free, so all you may have to invest is time. Ensure that when interacting with customers, your employees understand the importance of excellent customer service and how to deal with any situation that may arise. To give customers the best experience possible, train your employees in excellent service.

7.  Improve Old Hardware

Ensure the best quality experience for your customers by updating old store hardware. Whether scales, scanners, or prints, new hardware will give customers a better experience and give your store a more up-to-date look. You may even want to consider self- check out which saves labor and has a payoff in roughly 1.5 years.

8. Become Part of a Grocer Community

To keep up-to-date with grocery store trends and updates, become part of a grocer community. Whether online or in-person, grocer groups can connect you with other store owners. Stay on top of grocery trends by joining a grocer association.

9. Switch to Green Appliances

Energy usage can be a considerable expense, especially for businesses. Switching to green appliances will help save you money in the long run, though the initial cost might be high. Devices designed to use less energy will lower your electricity bill, sometimes by a lot. Look for Energy Star-rated appliances to use in your store. An Energy Star fridge from 2008 uses 1,663 fewer kilowatts than a refrigerator from 1980. When these savings are applied to the large appliances used in grocery stores, the savings can be immense. Also

10. Touch-less Payment

Another symptom of the pandemic has been consumers’ preference for touchless payment. Whether completing the entire transaction online or using touch-to-pay, customers have been employing touchless payment methods. They are safer amid COVID-19, but these methods are also more efficient for both consumers and employees. Ensure that your POS system can use touch-to-pay to give your visitors the best shopping experience. Increase speed of checkout also considers diversifying in payments with Venmo, PayPal, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Investing back into your own business is an excellent way to grow.
  • A good POS system can improve your entire store’s efficiency.
  • A loyalty program can increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Make improvements to already thriving departments.
  • Take your store online.
  • Use the services of a social media marketing agency to engage with a wider audience.
  • Begin training your employees in excellent customer service.
  • Ensure that your store’s hardware is up to date.
  • Connect with other grocers in your community or on the same level as your store.
  • Switch to green appliances to save energy and money.
  • Enable touchless payment options at your store to increase your customers’ options.

When looking to improve your store, there are many places to invest your time and money. Whether enhancing your hardware or training your employees, spending money in the short term will help your store in the long term. Investing in your store is investing in the best customer experience possible.