6 Helpful Tips On Using QR Codes

QR CodeBy now I assume that you’ve all seen the Quick Response codes, QR for short. Ever since they came out there has been an ongoing argument, one side supporting QR codes thinking that they are the future of marketing and the other arguing that it’s just another technological phase and in time it’ll be extinct!

My experience with QR codes has been altogether negative.  Every time I have scanned in a QR code with my android phone I’ve been sent to a web page that offers nothing of value to me!  However, statistics have shown that the few companies that use these QR codes correctly actually see a growth in sales and have experienced an increase in brand awareness. My goal in this blog post is to give you six key points to QR code a success!

1. What’s Your Point?

You have to realize that the point of the QR codes is to market your product. So figure out what you want your potential customer to see.

      • Is it a video about a new product that your company is releasing?
      • Is it a coupon that will give them 10% off on their next purchase?
      • Are you trying to get people to sign up to your email list so you offer them discounts?

Remember to make your point and that’s it! Don’t put too much information or else your customer will get bored and leave.

2. Is it Eye-Catching?

Have you created a reason to create a QR code? Good, now it’s your job to make it attractive to your customers. So let’s continue with the 10% off purchase example, above the QR code mention that scan now and get 10 percent off! It’s important to keep your statement short. Think of it as a competition to create the world’s shortest campaign pitch!

3. Does It Look Good?

Believe it or not, those plain black and white QR codes are not very attractive. I know, don’t judge a book by its cover, but why not? If something doesn’t grab my attention why should I dedicate time to it? So remember if your QR code is attractive you will most likely get more scans! So add some color and maybe a nice frame on the outside, believe me, you’ll catch the attention of a lot more people, which will give good results for your store!

4. Is it Phone Friendly?

Another way to get good results for your store is to make your QR codes phone compatible! A good amount of these codes send their customers to a full desktop page. This will annoy your customer because it takes a longer time to load and it’s harder to maneuver through the site! So make sure you have a mobile page that takes your customer directly to the page you want to send them to!

5. What is your Bounce Rate?

Results are important, it shows you that your marketing techniques are either working or failing. So yeah it’s nice to have 100 hits in a day but they’re not the best results because people may be going to your page and then leaving within the first 30 seconds! So by creating meaningful data you may begin to notice that your customers are going onto your page and staying; which is the whole idea behind QR codes, first you want to attract your customer then keep them coming back for more.

But if you have low numbers don’t take your QR code down just yet. First look at your code, is it working properly? Is it in a reasonable area where people can reach it or even see it? If you answered yes, then maybe it’s time to go back to step one. Put yourself in your customer’s shows are you giving material that they might be interested in?

6. Is Your Facebook Page Awesome?

It’s nice to get a lot of hits on your QR codes, but you have to think of the bigger picture! And the bigger picture is, drum roll…………………………….. TO GET PEOPLE INTERESTED IN YOUR STORE! Those QR codes are just there as a marketing device that should ultimately attract people to your store. So if you begin to realize that more people are liking you on Facebook or following you on Twitter then you know that your campaign to attract customers has worked!

Now it’s your turn readers, have you or will you implement QR codes into your store? Leave your comments below 🙂