Jul 21, 2011 Luke Henry

A new SCENTED marketing technique

How many times have you been walking down the street and you get the smell of freshly baked bread and then you remember that there’s a bakery down the street. So by the time you get down the street not only are you hungry but you have a craving for freshly baked bread now.

That is exactly what a local grocery store in Brooklyn, New York is doing with its customers. They believe that the quickest way to a grocer’s wallet is through their nose. We have seen many different types of supermarkets try to reach out to their customers, for instance, Costco. Costco has different food sample tables throughout their stores in hope that the customer will like the food, therefore, buying it.

But this market in Brooklyn called Net Cost has come up with a different marketing strategy that will have their customers coming back for more. What they’ve done is that they have installed different scented fans throughout the store so when a customer is headed towards the produce section of the store they get a smell of grapefruit, or when they’re walking towards the bakery they get a whiff of rosemary focaccia. So the strategy of this store is to use the psychological effect that people eat what they smell.

I believe that this is a great strategy because it’s true, the fastest way to a person’s wallet is through their nose. After all, if you don’t like the smell of a certain food then you won’t buy it. But if your nose smells something that it does as it will most likely mess with your psychological state of mind and make you want to eat that food, therefore buying it.

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