3 Reasons You Need a Deli POS System

Operating a deli involves multiple challenges, from maintaining fresh inventory, to managing a deli scale, to serving customers. For owners and managers, these responsibilities can really pile up. So, is there a solution to simplify these tasks and boost efficiency?

A deli point of sale (POS) system may be the answer you’re searching for. In this article, we’ll discuss the top three advantages of using deli POS software, and why it’s so critical for successful deli operations. 

1. Scale Integration

As a deli owner, customers are constantly placing orders for meat and cheese in varying units of weight. To process these transactions efficiently, your deli likely uses a random-weight scale to weigh and price items. Manually entering the results of the weighing process into your checkout software wastes valuable time and increases the likelihood of errors.

A deli POS system can solve this problem. The right POS software for your deli will be able to integrate directly with your scale. For example, IT Retail’s software works with the vast majority of deli scales – Hobart, Ishida, CAS, and more. What does this mean? When an item is weighed, the weight information is automatically sent to your POS, which then assigns a price per pound or ounce. 

This integration will save you and your employees a lot of time, as well as eliminate manual data entry (ugh!). Additionally, the software will incorporate products’ weight information into inventory numbers, making sure that all your data is updated seamlessly, and in accordance with one another.  

2. Inventory Tracking

Scale integration is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the inventory management features deli POS systems offer. Deli managers must monitor hundreds of units of perishable inventory, including multiple different types of meat and dairy products. Tracking this type of inventory in weight units can be a challenge – but a deli POS solution will simplify matters. 

Deli POS systems feature inventory management tools designed specifically for these larger, variable inventories. They are built to track pounds sold of scalable items and minimize waste, including features such as real-time updates on sales and stock levels – low stock notifications, anyone?

And the inventory management features don’t stop there. Deli POS software can also analyze store data to create reports on current inventory and sales trends, allowing deli managers to quickly identify which items are selling well, and which ones need to be reordered or discontinued. The last step? Deli POS solutions will use those reports to automatically create purchase orders, keeping your shelves stocked and your customers happy. 

3. Checkout Process 

As you know, checkout can be a real pain point for deli owners, especially during peak hours. Add in an understaffed store or unreliable checkout technology, and you could have a real disaster on your hands. Enter deli POS systems, one of the only ways to ensure a speedy, efficient, and simple checkout experience. 

As we’ve previously noted, deli POS solutions integrate with your weighted scale, eliminating manual data entry and saving time for both your customers and your employees. What you may not be aware of, however, is that POS software allows for flexible payment processing options. What does this mean? Deli POS systems can accommodate a wide variety of grocery payment options, from contactless options like Apple Pay and Google Pay to EBT food and EBT cash (not to mention standard options like debit, EMV, gift card, checks, and more). By eliminating the hassle associated with diverse payment options, deli POS solutions ensure that the days of asking customers to use a different payment method are over. 

Last, but not least, modern deli-specific POS solutions, such as IT Retail, can support self-checkout. Self-checkout will save you on labor costs, as they eliminate the need for one-lane cashiers and free up your employees to serve more customers. They also boost store convenience for your customers; self-checkout enables shoppers to get through the store faster, meaning your store is able to process more transactions with less staff. Ultimately, self-checkout allows you to match your deli’s checkout experience to your customers’ needs. Happy customers, happy life! 

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Using a Deli POS System for Your Small Business

Ultimately, a deli POS system like IT Retail can improve your small business by streamlining operations, providing a better customer experience, and even offering features such as e-commerce options, store security optimization, and employee management. The bottom line is that a POS system makes running your business more efficient and effective.

So, are you ready to take your deli to the next level? Schedule a free demo with the IT Retail team today to learn more.