Expand Your Business by Taking Your Grocery Store Online with IT Retail

Expand Your Business by Taking Your Store Online with IT Retail

Expand Your Business by Taking Your Store Online with IT Retail

After developing and running a successful business( including Grocery Store) for quite some time, establishing ways to cover costs, and witnessing consistent growth in profits, business owners wonder what next steps they take. On one hand, expanding into a second physical location can be extremely costly and be accompanied by a significant list of potential risks. On the other hand, not expanding can keep your store from growing.

Moreover, there is no denying that eCommerce is ever-expanding. In 2021 alone, sales are expected to reach over $4.89 trillion. 

So, how can you break into eCommerce even with little experience?

 This is where IT Retail comes in. IT Retail allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of opening a second location without facing the costs traditionally associated by allowing them to develop and manage an online store.

Adopting eCommerce allows businesses to reach new potential customers who may not otherwise chance upon your physical store. In other words, eCommerce stores can now reach customers everywhere at any time. IT Retail gives business owners the opportunity to increase sales, avoid unnecessary costs, and maintain control of all their information.

Here’s how:

Taking Sales to the Next Level

Managing a brick-and-mortar store is a great achievement. However, there are some things you may want to consider. Focusing on a single physical location keeps you from attracting customers who could benefit from what you have to cover. While some customers may be willing to commute/travel to purchase certain goods, this is not so much the norm as it is an anomaly.

Taking a store online (as a second store) opens many doors for business owners in terms of sales opportunities. Online stores can target/serve customers anywhere in the country (or world in some cases). IT Retail allows businesses to not only reach new customers (and thus increase sales), but to do so in a way that is organized, simple, and risk-free.

As demonstrated by the events of last year, people are currently shopping online more than ever before. IT Retail opens up a world of opportunity and gives business owners the tools needed to take advantage of said opportunities.

Cutting Costs

Opening a whole new store does not only require you to hire new employees to run said store, it can also involve additional expenses such as acquisition of permits (when required), purchase or lease of space, purchase/manufacturing of additional inventory, and even marketing and advertising expenses to inform customers of the new location. This is not to mention that all of these costs represent a potential risk as a second physical location may not be as successful as the original.

IT Retail allows businesses to take the next step in their path towards success without facing the costs frequently associated. There are no overhead costs associated as the new store will operate fully online. Additionally, we go above and beyond by covering onboarding costs up to $2,500, putting the power back in the hands of business owners so they can invest more on their companies and develop further. 

There is no reason small businesses should have to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions to expand. Instead, they can count on IT Retail to help them take the next step.

 Keeping Information Safe

While other services may allow users to sell through their platforms and may be great when experiencing hiring issues, they often manage and store all information regarding transactions and other essential areas of the business. This puts business owners at risk and prevents them from obtaining information that could potentially be used to push a business forward. IT Retail operates on a white-label model that puts data in the hands of the user rather than the hands of a third-party entity. This is crucial as it guarantees that information gathered is safe at all times.

Furthermore, you can use data to understand where your company is thriving, as well as where you might make changes. This level of accessibility will make a great impact and lead to more informed decisions, and thus better decisions altogether. After all, at IT Retail, we prioritize efficiency and security.

How It Works

IT Retail allows businesses to expand (by opening an additional online store) in a way that is cost-effective and simple by only charging a monthly flat fee and a small transactional fee. Unlike other services, we do not simply leave businesses on their own after onboarding. Instead, the company provides continuous support whenever it is required (even long after onboarding). Additionally, we proudly contribute to business efforts in different areas such as marketing to further assist companies throughout their journeys towards success.

With the help of IT Retail and our top-notch software, businesses can gain a competitive edge in the market while being prepared for the impact of external factors (such as those experienced in 2020) in which physical locations are not allowed or able to operate regularly. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Opening an eCommerce store allows grocers to expand their reach.
  • eCommerce also allows grocers to reduce costs that might be spent on renting space, heating it, and so on.
  • eCommerce is built with customer and associate security in mind, making shopping a safe experience for all.
  • IT Retail offers the tools grocers need to take their store online.