The Future of Faster Grocery Checkout Stands

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Advantage Checkout scanner

Advantage Checkout scanner

We all know the feeling of the weekly burden of grocery shopping and how time-consuming it can be in our busy schedules. I know once I’m at the grocery store all I want is to be in and out as quick as possible. The reality of walking around the entire store collecting the groceries I need and checking out in 30 minutes or less is not likely. However, just last year the company Fujitsu created a new self-checkout technology called the Advantage Checkout that will hopefully change my weekly shopping experience into a more pleasant one.

Last year Kroger Co. decided to take on the Advantage Checkout technology and is evaluating if the new machine benefits customers need more than the standard checkouts or even the current self-checkouts. The Advantage Checkout is not a replacement to the current self-checkout but complementary to them. The new technology for self-checkouts is supposed to reduce checkout times, improve customer experiences, and reduce operational costs for the retailer.

Don’t get me wrong, the current self-checkout stands are much faster than getting into a lane with multiple people in line with much more grocery items than myself, but when I have a cart full of produce then I’m forced into the standard checkout line. That is why Fujitsu has come up with the technology that will accommodate all customers. Instead of the traditional checkout stands we’re used to, the new system looks more like an MRI (magnetic resonance image) machine but don’t be scared of the size. The Advantage Checkout can checkout customers faster than any standard lane and could take out two or three lanes if need be.

Inside of the Advantage Checkout

Inside of the Advantage Checkout

The Advantage Checkout is designed like a tunnel where a conveyor belt runs underneath carrying the grocery items all the way through for each item to be scanned. The best part about the scanner is when customers are placing their items on the conveyor belt, they do not have to worry about the barcodes facing a certain direction because the Advantage Checkout will automatically catch it. Once all the items have gone through the Advantage Checkout, a receipt will print out and you will continue to finish checking out by paying at a machine that accepts cash, debit, credit, or other forms of payments. Check out the video demonstrating the Advantage Checkout:  Fujitsu Self Checkout Scanner.

The current response to the new checkout scanner technology has exceeded the expectations from the customers and associates. Even the customers have been seen coming back more often because the Advantage Checkout has enhanced their shopping experience. The Advantage Checkout is the future for all grocery store checkouts and with time the technology will become more secure and reliable and most importantly customers will get more comfortable with the process.

In my opinion, the Advantage Checkout seems like a great idea that will take off in the future. If more and more grocery stores bring in the Advantage Checkout, then maybe grocery shopping won’t seem so burdensome but possibly more enjoyable. What are your thoughts on the Advantage Checkout? Is it a good or bad idea? Thank you for reading and of course, feel free to leave comments.