The Best Grocery Scale for Your Store: 4 Top Solutions

Does browsing grocery store hardware online have you asking, “Is this a scale or an advanced spaceship control panel?”

If you’re shopping for a new grocery scale for your store, you might think a scale with the most buttons is the way to go. It must have a ton of features, right? But do you need a complicated scale? Probably not.

You probably want a reliable, accurate, and robust scale that does the job, integrates with your other technology, and doesn’t beep erratically at customers. Choosing the right POS scale isn't about going for the one with the most bells and whistles.

In this article, we’ll help you decide which grocery scale is best for your business. From industry-specific features to competitive pricing, you can’t go wrong with these top four grocery scales.


How To Find the Best Grocery Scale for Your Store

Multiple factors contribute to the smooth running of your grocery store. An often overlooked but critical tool is your grocery scale. Not only do you need to adhere to regulations and standards, but you also have to ensure it’s accurate so customers feel your store is trustworthy.

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Pricing goods accurately based on their weight is essential. Inaccurate measurements can lead to pricing errors and regulatory fines. Imagine a customer buys a pound of bananas from your store every week. They'll feel short-changed if they double-check the weight and find it’s less than they paid for. 

Word of mouth spreads fast! When your scanner scale is accurate, easy to read, and speeds up the checkout process, you’ll instill confidence in your customers about their purchases. A high-quality, reliable scale is crucial for your grocery store.

Don’t rush into a decision about which scale to invest in! Here’s what to look out for.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Grocery Scale

  • Precision: A scale that consistently delivers accurate measurements protects your business from overcharging or undercharging customers. This is crucial to the store's credibility and customer satisfaction. Pick scales with a reputation for high precision and consistency.
  • Easy to Clean: Grocery scales often come in contact with food, so they need to be clean. A dirty scale can breed bacteria, which is a big health risk. Look for scales made from easy-to-clean materials, like stainless steel. Some scales come with removable parts and platforms to make cleaning easier.
  • Functionality and Design: Ensure your grocery scale's design and functionality align with your store's particular needs. Scales with compact platforms are ideal for stores with limited counter space, while others with larger platforms are suitable for weighing bulky items. Scales can be more useful if they have unique features like backlit displays, quick response times, and multiple measurement units. Consider these features and choose a scale that will seamlessly integrate into your operations.
  • Durability and Brand Integrity: In a busy grocery store, a scale needs to be durable and able to withstand heavy use, so consider the durability of the product. The best brands to choose are those that have a reputation for reliability and robust customer service. A grocery scale is a long-term investment, so choose a product that will last.
  • Price: Last but not least, think about your budget. Investing in a quality scale is important, but you should also make sure it's affordable. Higher-priced models usually have more features and are more durable. Still, many affordable scales are reliable and perform well. Choose a grocery scale that meets your store's specific needs and budget.

IT Retail guide to POS hardware

1. IT Retail: Scanner Scales

Helping grocers thrive for over 25 years, we have a deep understanding of the grocery environment at IT Retail. Our founder was a second-generation grocer frustrated by the challenges and inflexibility of point of sale (POS) systems available for his store. That’s how IT Retail was born!

Features: Our scanner scales have the largest scan zone, fastest scanner, and fastest weighing in its product class. The most up-to-date and advanced scanning technology captures every electronic and printable barcode, and our scanner scale has the lowest power consumption in the industry.

Pricing: Use our build and price tool to create your custom POS system, including scanner scales.

2. Zebra MP7000

Zebra is an innovative technology company providing a wide range of marking and printing technologies, including RFID. 

Features: Zebra’s MP7000 is designed to meet the demands of high-volume retail and grocery stores. It supports loyalty and coupon applications. Its CMOS Array Imager technology, with both 1D and 2D decoding capabilities, provides speedy and accurate capture of electronic and printed barcodes. 

There are options to add a customer-side scanner and a color camera for applications like produce recognition and loss prevention.

Pricing: Starting at $1,500. Various retailers sell the Zebra MP70000, so it’s best to shop around.

3. Datalogic 9800i

Datalogic is a global technology leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets. They design and produce barcode readers, mobile computers, and RFID. They work with some of the world’s largest companies and continue to grow.

Features: The Magellan 9800i is the world’s first grocery checkout barcode scanner driven completely by high-performance digital imaging. Features include:

  • Advanced imaging for various barcodes
  • Ergonomic design placement options and comfort for cashiers
  • Additional features like a top-down reader and customer-facing imager

The 9800i best suits busy retail stores as it efficiently handles high-volume checkout environments.

Pricing: Starting at $2,500, depending on the configuration.

4. Datalogic 9400i

Datalogic also has the 9400i. It shares several features with the 9800i, including digital imaging technology for accurate barcode scanning. Both scanners have customer-facing scanners, perfect for reading smartphone screens, which is where customers keep digital coupons.

The 9400i has a more traditional bonnet height and large horizontal and vertical windows. It doesn’t have as many features as the 9800i, making it a more affordable option for smaller grocery stores.

Pricing: Starts at $1,000, depending on the configuration.

How To Maintain Your Grocery Scale for Longevity

There are various tips and tricks to help maintain your grocery scale, including:

  • Regular Cleaning: Keep your scale clean from dirt and grime. Clean with a soft, damp cloth, and don't use harsh cleaning chemicals that might damage the scale. Dry the scale thoroughly after cleaning to avoid moisture buildup.
  • Proper Usage: Use the scale on a level surface. Uneven surfaces can result in inaccurate readings and damage to the scale over time.
  • Regular Calibration: Regularly calibrate your scale. It’s essential for maintaining accuracy. How often you calibrate your grocery scale depends on how frequently you use it. In busy grocery stores, you need to do it more regularly.
  • Avoid Overloading: Never exceed the maximum capacity of the scale. It can damage the internal components and give you inaccurate results if you overload it.
  • Professional Servicing: Professional servicing may be required periodically, depending on the make and model. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding servicing.

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Choosing the Best Grocery Scale for Your Store

Selecting the right scanner scales for your grocery store will come down to your business’ unique needs. Investing in a durable, accurate, and reliable grocery scale can ensure accurate measurements, foster customer trust, and streamline your store's processes.

When choosing your grocery scale, consider ease of use, robustness, and which configurations you need to speed up checkout and ensure accuracy.

At IT Retail, we specialize in grocery store POS systems and integrations that help your store run efficiently and keep your customers happy. From customer loyalty programs to inventory management and various scale integrations, we provide the tools you need to thrive.

But don’t take our word for it! See it for yourself. Request a free demo today.