Inventory Management


When looking for the right POS software to use in their store, grocers have to consider the inventory management feature. Grocery stores have unique requirements for their systems, and they need to ensure that their POS solution meets their requirements.

IT Retail’s POS solution is designed to handle the massive amounts of inventory that go through your store. Whether selling, stocking or purchasing items, IT Retail’s POS software will help you manage and monitor your inventory.

Built by Grocers for Grocers

We know what grocers are looking for in a POS system because we are grocers. Our company was founded by a third-generation grocer, Martin Goodwin, after realizing there was no POS system out there that met all grocers’ needs. Almost everyone on our team has experience working in or managing a grocery store.

IT Retail knows grocery. We understand the complexities and challenges of grocery store management, and we built our POS solution to help you succeed. Unlike other POS providers, our system is built with you and your store’s needs in mind. 

That is why we know that you need access to powerful inventory management. With excellent inventory management tools, you can increase your store’s productivity and efficiency.

Easy Inventory Management

With our powerful inventory management features, you can easily track, process, and monitor your inventory. No matter what task is at hand, you and your employees can confidently tackle it. Adding new products, checking what you have on-hand, printing shelf labels, vendor management, product management, and tracking expiration dates are all tasks made simple with our POS solution.

You can work around your schedule. Because our technology is cloud-based, you can access your store’s system anywhere, at any time, on any device. Whenever you need to monitor your inventory, you can do so.

Our mass product editor allows your employees to save hours of work by pricing in bulk. Rather than painstakingly pricing each item, your workers can quickly mark all items in a group. Not only does this decrease your inventory processing time, but it also allows your employees more time to work directly with customers.

When you receive new products or start working with new vendors, there is usually a large amount of tedious work that follows. However, with IT Retail, importing new products and vendors is simple. Our software makes it easy to add new items to your inventory, and you can decide how you want them to be tracked. We worked to erase the headache that usually comes with new products, letting you offer them to your customers sooner.

While shrink is terrible, it does happen. When it does, our system allows you to shrink out inventory quickly, cutting down on the hassle of monitoring shrink.

With all these tools and more, you can see why our inventory management feature is so powerful. We also have excellent reports that assist you in tracking your inventory, along with your store’s performance.

Our Powerful Reporting Tools

Our reporting feature offers you insight into your store’s performance, including information about your inventory. With several different kinds of reports, you can easily view various aspects of your store’s operations.

The key to growth is working with and understanding your data. By knowing how your inventory is performing, you can decide where you need to make improvements. Our reports make that easy. You can quickly view the relevant information you need without wading through unnecessary data.

At IT Retail, we know how important it is that you receive quick-but-detailed glances into your store’s performance. That is why we designed our reports to be straightforward, accurate, and relevant.

There are three main types of inventory reports. Our shrink report lets you track which items fell under shrink. You can also see how often certain products become shrink, whether through employee error or customer theft. The low inventory reports let you know which items are running low so that you can restock, and our valuation report shows you how much money is on your shelf.

IT Retail’s excellent reporting feature is another way that we support you in effectively managing your inventory.

Excellent reporting feature


Key Takeaways

  • IT Retail’s POS solution includes powerful inventory management capabilities.
  • Due to the high volume of inventory they handle, grocery stores have to be able to process, manage, and monitor inventory efficiently.
  • IT Retail was built by grocers for grocers.
  • Our POS system makes inventory management simple.
  • With our powerful reporting tools, you can easily track your inventory and products’ performances. 

With IT Retail’s POS software, you can manage your inventory more effectively than ever before. Our system is designed to be used by grocery stores, and our team is always there to help you. See how well your store could be functioning with our POS system by signing up for a free demo.