IT Retail’s POS Solutions Work for Ethnic Grocery Stores

Ethnic grocery stores face the same challenges as other grocery stores in today’s economy. Part of the challenge is satisfying customers and giving them an efficient, hassle-free shopping experience.

How can your ethnic grocery store work with both native English speakers and speakers with no or low English-speaking experience? Start with IT Retail’s translation tools, which will help you leap over one hurdle in helping customers receive the same shopping experience. With that simple adjustment, you can choose your store language, based on your customer base. IT Retail’s solutions can transform your grocery store into a neighborhood success story.

Our Software

We understand that you want to gain a better understanding of your store operations. IT Retail will carefully analyze your situation and create the POS that will best serve your needs, so you can maximize profits and minimize problems at your grocery store.

With our Inventory Management System, you can keep track of inventory with ease and ensure that your most popular products, and all your products, stay stocked. Since the Covid 19 pandemic hit, this has been an especially fundamental need for grocery stores.

Our scanning system can help you fight employee theft too. It combines scheduling data with employee performance, giving you intelligent insights with every transaction you ring up.

With our convenient cloud storage, you can take your store data with you, anywhere you go. All your information, including employee performance, sales, and inventory, is available on your screen, whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or phone.

As you consider your customers’ expectations, remember that they hope for fast, convenient checkout, every time they leave your store. With IT Retail hardware, you’ll have support for the latest technology, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, 1-Second EMV, EBT, and swipe. The hardware also helps you sell age-restricted items, by ensuring birthdates are entered at the register with each item that is age-restricted.

Data for Intelligent Decisions

IT Retail for Supermarket gives you the power to analyze each detail of your daily business operations. You’ll have every feature that you need, including reports and management tools for more effective organization. Each different ethnic store has its own specific needs, based on the local economy and customer base, and the scalability and functionality of IT Retail can meet the needs of each unique store.

Translation Tools

IT Retail works with numerous companies that provide services of great benefit to retailers. For instance, as the preferred way to pay for one billion Chinese consumers, Citcon integrates with AliPay, WeChat Pay, and UnionPay.

FutureProof Retail brings eCommerce to your store, with self-checkout, mobile checkout, and more. BarTender is software for label and barcode creation and automation, helping you improve efficiency, safety, security, and compliance. These are just a few of the many companies that IT Retail works with to ensure your customer experience remains stellar on every visit.

QR payments for Asian markets

IT Retail can help your Asian market use the latest technology. There are multiple ways you can use QR payments and codes in your store. The younger generation wants to connect to their interests in new and fast ways, and IT Retail can help you connect with them. During checkout, you can use a QR code reader POS to save valuable customer-facing display space, giving you a chance to get important marketing messages out to your customers.

Inventory can have both QR codes and barcodes assigned, and QR payments can make checking out a nearly effortless process for your customers. When you want to know more about how IT Retail can help your specific niche with software and hardware, consider how we have helped similar specialty stores, such as in the organic grocery store business.

With each innovation you add to your store, coupled with IT Retail’s support and customer service, you will realize gains in customer loyalty, efficiency, and profitability.

IT Retail Payments

IT Retail’s new payment processing service is now a full-service payment system, for all your payment needs. You won’t have to work with several different companies and struggle for compatibility. Instead, IT Retail has everything you need in one neat package.  

With IT Retail Payments, you’ll use the same interface as with the POS software to manage your processing service. You will also have technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will also have high-quality customer service.

You will receive a better rate than from competitors and a better price on the payment processing service. You can increase profits, efficiency, and productivity, helping you to create an amazing new experience for customers. Some customers have already saved up to $500 each month in processing costs. 

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If you want to learn more about maximizing profits and minimizing headaches, schedule your free demo today. We are built by grocers and we provide a complete solution, so you don’t have to shop around for additional support and software.

Key Points 

  • IT Retail recognizes the difficulties and specific needs that come with running an independent ethnic grocery store. We have multiple products to help you run your store efficiently 
  • Our software has an inventory management and scanning system to help you keep track of inventory, and combat employee theft. It also combines with scheduling data so that you can measure employee performance.
  • IT Retail’s POS system also has cloud storage so that you can access your data from anywhere and any device. 
  • IT Retails hardware supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, 1-second EMV, EBT, and swipe. It also has the capability to have age-restricted items 
  • We have multiple integrations to provide translation capabilities, including AliPay, Wechat Pay, and UnionPay
  • Use our POS system’s QR code reader to save space on your customer-facing display, and provide an effortless checkout experience for your customers 
  • IT Retail Payments put everything you need for an efficient checkout experience into one package. Have a quick payment and authentication process, with 24/7 tech support.
  • Schedule your free demo today to see how IT Retail can help your ethnic grocery store.