5 Top Options for a Deli Scale With Label Printer for Your Market

According to the Food Marketing Institute, over half of all grocery sales are perishable items from sections like your deli, meat counter, or produce areas. If you want to maximize your efficiency and profit margins from these sales, you need an effective way of measuring and charging by weight. 

In the current retail market, efficiency is king. If you’re still juggling weighing products, manually entering data, and printing labels separately, you’re wasting precious time and missing key opportunities. Having the right tools can make all the difference. Enter the deli scale with a label printer: Your secret weapon for streamlining operations and impressing customers.

This post will walk you through five top options for deli scales with label printers you might explore for your store. 

Benefits of a Scale With Label Printer for Your Market 

If you already have a manual scale or standalone digital scale in your market, you may be wondering, why do I need a scale with a label printer? Let’s examine some of the benefits specialty food and grocery stores can experience when using a deli scale with integrated label printer:

  • Efficient Labeling:
    Implementing a scale with an integrated label printer makes your labeling process much more efficient. Rather than juggling with manual data entry, your employees can seamlessly weigh products like meats, cheeses, and prepared foods, and instantly print accurate, professional-looking labels. Printed labels also reduce the potential for human error in weight measurements or illegible handwritten labels. 

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  • Regulatory Compliance:
    Scales used in commerce must meet certification standards like NTEP to comply with state and federal Weights and Measures regulations. Using a certified deli scale ensures your market complies with all laws and regulations. Compliance avoids the risks of potential fines, license suspensions, or other penalties that come with using inaccurate scales, protecting your business from legal action.

  • Improved Inventory Management:
    Deli scales with detailed reporting features help your market efficiently manage its inventory. Many scales have tare functions that make it simple to weigh packaged products. Label printers keep accurate records of items weighed and sold, allowing you to reference all past sales quickly and easily. Managers can use this data to see real-time product usage and popularity reports.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience:
    Finally, the high-quality printed labels produced by integrated deli printers lead to a better customer experience and help your customers feel confident that they can trust the weights and details on the printed labels. Professional, easy-to-read labels also allow customers to quickly find key information like price per pound, total price, and product descriptions.

All in all, deli scales and printers allow specialty markets and grocery stores to elevate operations and service with minimal investment. Let’s examine some of the top options for deli scales with printers you can explore for your market. 

CAS Integrated Label Printer: LP-1000N 

The LP-1000N from CAS is a feature-rich label printer that is an excellent addition to any grocery store or deli. You can use this printer/scale combination to create thirty different label formats, allowing you to easily label all your weight-priced products. You can also use pre-pack save keys to allow employees to quickly print labels on the fly with details like weight, price, and expiration date. 

Critical Stats: 

  • 54 speed keys
  • PLU capacity: 4,000
  • 16.1 inches by 16.9 inches by 7.8 inches
  • Capacity: 30 lbs/15 kg
  • Precision to the hundredth decimal

Pricing: The LP-1000N is a part of IT Retail’s hardware offerings. You can build your perfect, fully-integrated point of sale (POS) solution, including this scale/printer, using our transparent build and price tool. 

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AvaWeigh PCS60TK 

The AvaWeigh PCS60TK is an NTEP-approved price computing scale that provides an accurate and efficient weighing solution for busy delis, bakeries, and supermarkets. This durable scale features a stainless steel platter and ABS plastic body, along with handy rechargeable batteries for cordless use. This scale with label printer can interface with your computer system via USB and RS-232 ports for seamless connectivity with your other inventory and pricing solutions. 

Critical Stats:

  • 75-button keyboard
  • PLU capacity: 265
  • 11.25 inches by 8.25 inches
  • Capacity: 60 lbs
  • Certified by NSF and NTEP

Pricing: Around $169.99 per unit

Detecto DL 1060 NTEP

The Cardinal Detecto DL 1060 is an all-in-one weighing, pricing, and labeling solution for busy delis, grocery stores, and specialty shops. This scale features a built-in thermal label printer, eliminating the need for a separate printer and maximizing counter space. The DL1060 is highly programmable, printing labels in 50 unique styles customized to your products and business. The operator and customer LED displays provide clear weight and pricing data. At the same time, the rugged stainless steel platter and durable ABS plastic body can stand the test of your high-volume grocery business.

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Critical Stats:

  • LED display for operators and customers
  • PLU capacity: 5,990
  • Capacity: 60 lbs
  • Extensive customization in label printing, supporting barcodes, QR codes, safe handling images, nutritional facts, and logos

Pricing: Around $689.99 per unit

Tor Rey W-Label 40L 

Tor Rey’s digital price computing scale kit provides delis, butcher shops, and markets with an all-in-one portioning, weighing, and labeling solution. The kit includes the durable, NSF-approved Tor Rey L-PC-40L POS scale featuring a large stainless steel platter, tare function, and backlit LCD. For automated labeling, it bundles the compact DT-2 thermal printer, which connects directly to the scale and prints professional weight and price labels. Together, the Tor Rey scale, labeling printer, and labels create an efficient workflow for prepackaging, portioning, and selling your weight-priced products. 

Critical Stats:

  • Allows for connection of up to 100 scales for centralized pricing updates
  • PLU capacity: 500
  • Capacity: 40 lbs
  • Personalized labels with product descriptions, dates, business names, sales slogans, and barcodes

Pricing: Around $449.99 per unit

Penn Scale PSPRINTK 

The Penn Scale label printing kit provides delis, markets, and food businesses with a complete weighing and labeling system. The bundle includes the NTEP-certified CM-101 price computing scale with an external thermal label printer. The CM-101 scale has backlit displays, rechargeable battery power, and full tare functions for accurate portioning. The printer uses a ribbon-free direct thermal printing method to generate professional, peel-off labels with product details, pricing, weight, and date-time stamps. 

Critical Stats: 

  • NTEP-certified
  • No-ink printing system
  • AC adapter for continuous power
  • Capacity: 30 lbs
  • Battery life up to 48 hours of use on a single charge

Pricing: Around $525 per unit

Connect Your Scale With Label Printer to Your POS System 

Choosing the right deli scale with label printer can be a game-changer for your grocery store or specialty market. However, if you want to maximize the impact of your scale, you need to invest in a scale and printer that integrates directly into your point of sale system. 

A robust point of sale system like IT Retail allows you to capture weight-based pricing, print the appropriate labels, and update inventory automatically, syncing all your data in real time. Reports provide insights on how fast your weight-priced products are moving, and customers enjoy the convenience of quick, accurate pricing. 

You can explore our custom pricing tool today to build out your perfect hardware and software kit. Then, get everything preconfigured by our team so you can “plug and play” your equipment upon delivery. You can also see how our solution can simplify your operations and streamline your efforts by scheduling a free software demo today.