Statistics About SOCIAL MEDIA You Probably Didn’t Know

In recent weeks I have been trying to get my head around how to really and truly employ social media to effectively promote grocery stores. There are a lot of “Social Media Scientists”, “Marketing Guru’s”, and “Social Expert’s” on the web but I’ve found that none of them say anything that is related directly to how to market grocery stores.   I’ve touched on this before in a previous blog, but I would like to draw from some very helpful statistical data that I came across earlier this week at The Science of Social Media webinar.


I’ve mined out the gems as they relate to marketing for grocery stores. Specifically what characteristics the majority of prominent profiles have: 

*Some of this data may be shocking and against what you have heard or believe… Here is a link to a free ebook that will explain all of this in much more depth, and will provide you with the data to back up these 8 points. 

  1. They don’t spend time engaging with their followers “they tend to post really interesting informative links, generate a lot of unique high-quality information, and be thought leaders within the industry
  2. They don’t bombard their contacts with posts/ status updates, but rather disperse their updates into manageable updates.  1-2 post every hour is a good start. (Hootsuite is a web application that allows users to link all of their social media profiles together and then schedule posts accordingly.)
  3. They realize that most people are on Twitter between 6:30-9:30 am (PST), and always schedule posts during these times.
  4. They also realize that Friday is the day of the week with the highest Twitter activity.
  5. They include “Please Retweet” in their tweets because the data shows. After all, it is 4x more likely to be retweeted if you ask them to do it.
  6. On a similar note if you ask for comments you will be more likely to get comments.
  7. Being a negative nancy does not help get more followers.  People follow positive inspiring people.
  8. And lastly don’t talk about yourself insistently nobody cares”¦ unless you are @KimKardashian.

Lastly do not be discouraged if you are not immediately successful. It takes time, timing, and lots of luck to be a social media success. 

And if a year down the road you still have 20 followers and you are following 300 people just remember if Rebecca Black can do it”¦ so can you! If you don’t know who Rebecca Black is then you need to get more actively engaged on social media. 😉