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Top Food Trends

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With the surging popularity of fidget spinner toys, grocers can now capitalize on the explosive trend by offering organic cage-free fidget spinners in their stores! Okay, not really…but food trends can change as quickly as toy trends do and grocers must stay up to date with the latest food trends. Predicting the next big food fad is what the experts at Whole Foods do best, and they were kind enough to publish their predictions on Whole Foods’ Market Newsroom page. Below are some of the more interesting items on the list. Get ahead of your competition by cashing in early on these trends.

Floral Flavors

Floral Flavors

Strong, sweet scents and the highly distinguishable aromas of flowers are expected to rise in popularity in food in the upcoming year. Expect to see “flowers used like herbs in things like lavender lattés and rose-flavored everything.”

Super Powders

Super Powders

Healthy + convenient, a borderline oxymoron. Millennial shoppers place a high value on convenience as well as a healthy diet. Powder such as turmeric root, green powders with Kale, even advanced protein powders is expected to continue rising in popularity in the upcoming year. Given the extended shelf-life of powdered food, it’s a no-brainer for grocers to incorporate into their stores.


Functional Mushrooms

Functional Mushrooms

Varieties like reishi, chaga, cordyceps are rising in popularity due to their health benefits and rich flavors. But not just as a food item, the experts at Whole Foods say “body care is hot on this mushroom trend too, so look for a new crop of soaps, hair care, and more.“

  1.    Plant-based food goes high-tech

Scientists are using technology to advance plant-based food options. Vegan alternative meat burgers, plant protein maximized by science, and new varieties of milk nuts are expected to continue their rise in popularity and these “mind-bending alternatives” are a sure winner securing their spot in consumers’ shopping lists in 2018.

  1.    “Transparency 2.0”

Consumers are paying more attention to product labels, ingredients, and the “real story behind their food” than ever before. An educated consumer base is more likely to recommend their purchases to their social circles along with where they purchased the products they are recommending. If you are an existing organic, health, or fresh food store you already know how much of an effect these “ambassadors” can have on your business. Now is the perfect opportunity for stores to take advantage of this trend if they haven’t already.

Do you plan on capitalizing on these trends in 2018? Or are you ahead of the curve, already stocking products like these in your store? Keeping your store’s offerings in line with current trends can increase revenue and create a lasting impact on your customers to set them up for return visits. Which of these trends does your store plan to take advantage of? Or do you predict a different trend taking over 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

The full article can be found here: http://bit.ly/2ya6p1q

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