Jun 04, 2012 Luke Henry

The Ultimate Meat Label

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When I go to the grocery store to pick up any kind of raw meat to cook for dinner, I always find it difficult to choose which piece or package is the best. What exactly are you supposed to look for to choose the best tasting piece? Do you judge by the biggest piece in the package, the color of the meat, or simply choose the furthest expiration date?

Meat section in a grocery store

The invention of The Fresh Label can eliminate the time we waste while we examine which meat package we want to purchase. The fresh label is a visual aid method that helps track the expiration dates on meat packages. The Label is in the shape of an hourglass and the hourglass would progressively €œfill up € or become shaded in with a darker color as the meat gets older and expired.

I bet you’re thinking HOW would the fresh label do this? The Fresh Label is made to test the different levels of ammonia that the meat contains. For all different types of meats, they emit a source of ammonia that can determine the expiration or spoilage. When the meat is expired, the bar-code on the package label would completely disappear. This could help consumers with fresh meat since the cashier would not be able to ring up the item when the bar code disappears.   The Fresh Label contains the printed information of the kind of meat and details (lbs/price) and another layer that contains a unique and special ink that can read levels of ammonia. This printed ink is not toxic because it is solely made from the pigment of purple cabbages.

With this label, it is possible to prevent diseases that we could get from eating meat that’s not processed carefully or expired. The possible diseases are Trichinosis, Brucellosis, Tularemia, E Coli, and a few others. Also, if the expiration date is inaccurate, the fresh label helps determine if the meat is good enough to eat. False food labeling is a worldwide concern and this could be the solution. The U.S should consider this invention, it could really help consumers, eliminate the time we use debating which package to purchase, and also prevent many diseases.

Food Label Scale

I think these labels can be beneficial to everybody. Also, the fresh labels could soon test the expiration for many other grocery items! I know I wouldn’t have much trouble looking for the €œbest € meat anymore! Would the fresh labels help you when you’re looking for meat? Or your shopping experience in general? Thank you for reading, please leave comments below!  🙂

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