What Is a Corner Store POS System?

Corner stores are a key part of every community.

They offer a place for customers to grab everyday necessities, from bags of apples to packs of batteries — and shoppers expect to be in and out quickly.

To keep up the pace, you need the right processes in place.

The right point of sale (POS) system can streamline business operations for corner store owners like yourself. But with so many options, deciding which POS works best for your store can be overwhelming.

Let’s break down what a corner store POS is, and how to find the perfect one for your store and your industry.

Features to Look For in a Corner Store POS System

So, what is a corner store point of sale system?

Simply put, it’s a POS solution with features designed specifically for the unique needs of corner store owners, including:

  • Impressive inventory management
  • Label printing
  • Age verification 
  • Inclusive payment options
  • Sales reporting
  • Customer loyalty programs

But do you need all of these features?

Yes — and here’s why.

Corner Store Inventory Management

Corner stores are typically small, but they carry a wide variety of products. From packaged foods to magazines to toothpaste, you need a point of sale solution that can keep up. Corner store systems streamline the ordering and receiving processes.

With a cloud-based POS system, you should be able to scan items directly from a mobile device (like a smartphone or tablet), quickly add and update product information to your inventory, and then filter products by everything from time range to tender type. You can also import inventory directly from your wholesaler, saving time and money.

Label Printing

With so many products to price, a solid corner store point of sale solution should easily integrate with a label printer — allowing you to quickly price items and print labels for the products on your shelves. If some of your inventory needs to be individually priced, you can save tons of time by printing labels in batches.

Some systems will also allow you to send label information to your printer via a handheld scanner, so you can update prices on the go.

Age Verification

Because many corner stores carry age-restricted items like alcohol and tobacco products, it’s important to find a system that can quickly verify your customer’s age. A corner store POS will automatically detect these items, and require cashiers to enter the customer’s date of birth into the system in order to complete the transaction. 

You can also integrate a barcode scanner designed to accurately verify the customer’s age on a government-issued form of identification, so you can keep your business and your buyers safe.

Payment Options

Corner stores serve a wide variety of patrons, and need the ability to accept many types of payments. A solid point of sale solution will take all modern tender types, including debit and credit cards. 

For many corner stores, EBT is a common form of payment. Your POS should be able to perform these transactions so you never have to turn away a paying customer.

Sales Reporting

An important part of running any business is accurate sales reporting, and in a high-volume industry, a POS with sophisticated reporting features is a must. Most systems have sales reporting features that tell you what’s selling and what’s not, so you can make informed decisions about what to stock. Imagine not having to worry about overstock or dead stock!

But a corner store point of sale solution also produces shrink reports, which is key when you’re dealing with perishable products like produce. You can understand your inventory weak spots to avoid under or over-ordering — reducing overall profit loss.

Customer Loyalty Program

With any community corner store, it’s a smart idea to build relationships with your buyers. They’ll be more likely to return, which is great for your bottom line. In fact, increasing customer retention by as little as five percent can boost profits by up to 95 percent.

The best way to cultivate these relationships is through a customer loyalty program, which integrates directly with your POS system. It simply assigns points to every dollar spent, which customers can redeem for discounts — like a $5 discount for every 500 points earned. You’ll get buyers back through your door in no time.

Get Started With a POS System Catered to Corner Stores

Every business benefits from having a solid point of sale system to streamline operations. But some businesses have unique needs tailored to their industry — which is why you need a POS created specifically for corner stores.

If you’re ready to amp up your small business operations, schedule a demo with one of our IT Retail specialists, or use our build and price tool to create your custom quote today!