What’s New in Retail MARKET 2.0

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In addition to changing names from Retail NEXT to Retail MARKET, we’ve updated our POS solution to version 2.0 this month.  Included in the update are lots of new features to help you run your store effectively.   Read ahead to make sure you’re getting the most out of Retail MARKET and the new update.


Back End Features:

The back end allows managers to see their store performance, keep tabs on their employees, and modify store properties.

Powerful Customer Reports

Ever want to know who visits your store the most? Want to know how many dollars they spend over a certain period? Do you want the ability to send an email to customers you have not seen in a month? Well, now you can. We’ve built this power into our app and now it’s up to you to send email campaigns to your customers.

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Receive your sales by text

Yes, really.  Your most important sales numbers can now be sent to you via text message.  This feature helps you stay up to date on your market’s performance, even when you’re working on your phone.  Simply text “Sales” to a number we provide and you’ll get your bottom line sales for the day instantly.


Import product information from your wholesaler.

We are working with SUPERVALU to make it easy to import products that they deliver to your stores with updated costs and suggested price information.  Just use their .csv file with new product information, it’ll update prices, costs, and any other variables that might have changed.


Front End Features:

Automatic update system available to everyone.

We appreciate you relying on Retail MARKET as the POS solution for your store.  We want to make sure that our software is always up to date with the latest features to help you succeed – that’s why we’ve implemented an automatic update system into Retail MARKET.  This means your lane will always be up to date, with the fastest, most stable, feature-rich version of our software.

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Add products directly from the register

We know that sometimes it’s just easier to update a product from the register itself.  Retail MARKET 2.0 allows you to add special pricing to any item, right from the lane.  It’s as easy as a few taps of the screen.  First, select “Manager Functions,” then “Add/Edit Product,” and you’ll see the option to add special pricing on the bottom right. 

Thanks again for using Retail MARKET.  We’re proud to present each new feature and are continually looking for more ways to help our customers grow their businesses and utilize our tools.  If you have any questions just give us a call at (951) 682 – 6277, or visit our Contact Us page.