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The definitive guide for evaluating grocery e-commerce solutions.

Point of Sale
We asked all of our e-commerce integration partners to fill out a spreadsheet with the list of features that they support so that we could help grocers navigate the different online grocery platforms. We hope this is helpful and answers any questions you may have.

*Click the store name to see a live example of one of our partner’s store’s LIVE e-commerce solutions.

Real Website Using This Platform

Setup Fee

Special Pricing





Onboarding Time
24 hrs. + Ongoing partner support 24 hrs. 24hrs. – 36hrs. 4-12 wks. 3mos. – 6mos.
Pricing Model
Flexible pricing plans Contact merchant for details. $650/store. No % of sales. No per-order fee. Hosting included. Contact merchant for details. Contact merchant for details.
Integrate with IT Retail
Product Limit
No limit. Free access to our 4M product database Contact merchant for details. No Limit. 1.7M products are currently in the system. 1,000 – 1,000,000,000 No limit. Free access to our 1.5M product database
Import with CSV File
Pickup / Curbside
Delivery Time
The same day, 30 min. Rush Delivery The same day, 1hr. The same day, 1hr. The same day, 1hr. The same day, 1hr.
Delivery Drivers
Live Live Live Live Live
Store Size (Large / Small)
Both Both Both Both Large
Physical Marketing Support
Digital Advertising

+ Advanced Automation

Search Engine Optimization
White Labeled

Full White Label

Hybrid Model

Hybrid Model

Customer Reports
Live Support
Inventory Management Dashboard
Credit Card Processing




+ Coupons and Memberships

Product Recommendations
Employee Picking App

Partner app, Driver app (optional), and Customer app for both Android and iOS

Number of Current Customers
300+ 1000+ 3000+ 50+ 440+

Fully-Integrated with IT Retail

88 percent of American consumers are unsatisfied with the speed of their current in-store checkout experience. They want faster checkout and less time spent in line. We can help.

With our POS, every transaction is easy, quick, and reliable.

Customers Expect Ultimate Speed
Integrated with the Best Grocery E-Commerce Systems

We integrated with the top E-commerce Solutions in the grocery industry: Instacart, Mercato, Local Express, Freshop, My Cloud Grocer, Shop Hero, and more.

Optimized Checkout Experience

We’ve worked with grocers to make sure our system is reducing employee error, shaving seconds off of every transaction. Our POS can keep up with your fastest cashier.

EMV, NFC, Giftcards, eWIC, and EBT Payments

IT Retail supports the latest in payment technology. We want customers to be able to pay with the latest technology available.

The Latest in Scanner/Scale Support

We’ve integrated with the latest scanner/scales from Zebra and Datalogic, enabling fast and efficient checkout.

Customer Display

Customer displays can be attached to POS units so customers can see their totals, items, and more.

Local Express
For big and small grocers alike, we’re made eCommerce headaches into things of the past. Our platform is easy to use and integrates with your existing systems throughout the sales pipeline. From order fulfillment support to performance analytics, we’ll get your online store running and help to keep it going. We believe that even grocers should have the opportunity to participate in the online shopping revolution.

“Our focus is on our customers and making sure they have a great experience throughout the entire shopping process. Local Express is instrumental in not only creating the best face of Seafood City online but also optimizing the backend eCommerce operations and synchronizing with our POS and other systems so every shopping trip is as close to perfect for the customer as possible…”

eCommerce and online grocery solutions allow grocers to take their store online while integrating with the best grocery point of sale.

“Mercato was able to get our 50,000+ products online in just 24 hours. We are so fortunate to be able to help our customers across 11 store locations get the essential foods that they need during this hectic time.”

eCommerce for grocery platform that supports over 1,500 stores across 10+ countries. Provide full digital engagement for grocery and specialty retail. Includes solutions for mobile, fulfillment, and delivery.

When it comes to finding a simple yet dynamic e-commerce solution we have been continuously impressed with Freshop’s digital platform. From learning best practices, training for personal shoppers, and ensuring a seamless customer experience to helping find a third-party delivery solution we have been able to grow our e-commerce platform every step of the way. With the current retail landscape, all independent grocers no matter how big or small need an online solution and we feel Freshop has offered us the ability not only to compete but stand out as one of the best online grocers in our market!

My Cloud Grocer
Award-winning eCommerce solution designed to help supermarkets thrive in a competitive digital world. Offering a robust, customizable virtual storefront, My Cloud Grocer’s top-rated white label platform powers and integrates the full shopping experience, from initial order to the customer’s door.

“Pleasure to work with”
Overall: In July 2015, we decided that the time was ripe for Seasons to establish an eCommerce site for our growing chain of supermarkets. After much research and inquiry with regards to several providers including comparing products offered as well as service options and capabilities, we chose My Cloud Grocer to build and maintain our site. Although My Cloud Grocer was not the least expensive solution at that time, we have made our decision to partner with them. Our decision was based on the feedback we received from their other clients as well as their team’s ability to demonstrate very strong technical skills and thorough knowledge of the retail grocery industry. We met with store managers that were current customers of My Cloud Grocer and hear many favorable reviews. We have not been disappointed. Their team is a pleasure and easy to work with. They didn’t only build our website to correctly represent our brand and made sure that every item has a good image, My Cloud Grocer photographers visit our stores periodically to photograph every new product. They also provide valuable input on our marketing strategies and send weekly digital circulars on our behalf. We are constantly receiving compliments on the ease of use and the ultra-fast loading speed of our website. The Shop-by-Recipe feature is very popular among our customers. We have a competitor nearby who chose another service provider for their eCommerce. We see ourselves and constantly hear from our customers that we offer a much better online shopping experience than our competitors. It is also worth mentioning that when issues come up, My Cloud Grocer’s team is on top of their game and handles every situation professionally and expeditiously.

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