We'll do This Together

IT Retail partners with you in creating a frictionless grocery experience.


From one Grocer to Another

Coming from a long legacy of community-driven grocers, IT Retail is working diligently alongside Zebra Technologies to equip grocers with safe and easy-to-deploy POS solutions that protect both your employees and customers.

  • The fastest scanner scales available help reduce checkout lines
  • Scanners that read barcodes from 6ft away – cashiers can stay behind the counter
  • Optimized for remote deployment – we make it easy for anyone to install a point of sale
  • Inventory insights that reveal trends and boost profitability

Your POS is the heart of your business. Invest in your store with IT Retail. Get a FREE live consultation today!

Technology Driven Transformation

Perfect your POS System

Today’s checkout lanes need to move faster and smoother. That’s why we equip you with intelligent POS software and Zebra hardware.

  • Lowers operational costs
  • Maximizes contactless checkout
  • Endures high demands without compromising performance
  • Captures even the most problematic barcodes

Efficient Inventory Management

Create a better customer experience while ensuring your crucial inventory is always in stock.

  • Monitor high-demand inventory quantities
  • Facilitate mobile ordering and click-and-collect services through your mobile devices.
  • Easily create and share purchase limitations across your devices
  • Prevent costly out-of-stocks with real-time visibility into inventory
  • Update pricing without halting associate productivity
  • with maximized mobility

“IT Retail is a comprehensive POS system that allows me to efficiently serve my customers in the front end, while providing me the tools and information to effectively run my business in the back office. IT Retail’s staff has been easy to work with and very accommodating.”

Upgrading your POS is simple and affordable with the GO Zebra Trade-in Program. Send us your legacy POS devices from any manufacturer and get cash back rebates toward your next upgrade.

Explore eligible devices here.