Keep track of every employee.

Manage your staff and optimize your store.

We know how difficult it can be to manage your grocery employees.

That’s why we developed our suite of employee management and tracking tools.

We make it easy to observe employee performance.

Compare against store averages

See how each employee is performing in high-risk areas like voids and overrides.

Information at a glance

Quickly see which employees are performing differently than the rest.

Expandable date ranges

Compare employee performance across any date range.

Captured through the POS

Employee performance values are always captured through the POS, so you get sales and performance reports from the same source.


See how each employee’s performance compares against store averages.


Role-Based Management

Use security levels and roles to define the actions each employee is allowed to perform, both on the front end register and the back office management suite.

Role-based Management
Limit employee access

Limit employees’ ability to access the front-end register and the back end office management suite.

Enable only specific register actions

Limit employees’ ability to sign off, perform voids, overrides, cancels, and more so your employees can only perform the actions specified. You can also set limits for some actions, like a maximum refund total.

Show only necessary reports

Don’t want every manager to be able to see store sales? No problem. IT Retail lets you limit access to any back end office management page.

Easily Add, Update, and Delete Employees

Getting a new employee set up with IT Retail only takes a moment.


Rapid management

We made our employee management portal simple and easy-to-use.

Onboarding a large number of new employees? No problem. Our management portal makes adding new employees a pain-free process.

Once your new employees are created, their updated properties will be synced to each till. Our POS employee tracking starts working automatically. 

Employee Maint

Record Employee Time-Sheet Entries

Keep track of hours worked with our shift management and clock-in/clock-out functionalities.

All the details you need

Our shift management feature tracks clock-in/clock-out entries and automatically calculates and records the total hours worked by day. You can view each entry per day or group by larger date ranges to see how long your employees work in a week, month, or other time range.

Simple recording

Clock-in/clock-out functionality is built directly into IT Retail’s POS lane. Employees can easily start their shift once they log into the register. All of this data is then synced to the back office management portal where managers can view and adjust entries.


Safety With Theft-Detection

Here at IT Retail, we’re developing a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence platform to take your employee management to the next level.

Dedication to innovation

Your point of sale is the heart of your grocery store. All store revenue comes through the point of sale system.

Since all revenue comes through the point of sale, employee theft is most likely to occur here. Common types of employee theft involve fraudulent refunds and voids. Employees issue fictitious refunds or void a legitimate transaction and pocket the money. Often, this occurs when the individual is alone at the POS or other employees are distracted.

We’re currently developing an artificial intelligence platform to help your store eliminate employee theft.


Do you need a new POS?

Our POS solution gives business owners essential tools to run and understand their stores better.