The point of sale built for grocery.

Robust, powerful.

Point of Sale

A POS designed by grocers, for grocers.

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Always Up to Date

We manage updates centrally, so your store is always up to date. You don’t have to worry about installing updates or features. A grocery POS that works seamlessly for you.

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PCI Compliant

Our check stand lanes, including computer hardware and software, are all certified PCI compliant. Run your business with confidence in your security.

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Customer Experience

The check stand is the last thing customers will see in your store, and they’ll leave with a great impression. The speed and reliability of our POS save them time and improve their overall in-store experience.

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Built for the Future

We’ve spent years testing the speed and reliability of our check stand hardware to make it the best in its class.

Customers Expect Ultimate Speed

88 percent of American consumers are unsatisfied with the speed of their current in-store checkout experience. They want to check out faster and spend less time in line.

With our POS, every transaction is easy, quick, and reliable.

Customers Expect Ultimate Speed
Optimized Checkout Experience

With the help of other grocers, we’ve made sure that our system optimizes the customer experience. Our POS reduces employee error and shaves seconds off every transaction while keeping up with the fastest cashiers.

EMV, NFC, Gift Cards, and EBT Payments

IT Retail supports the latest payment technology, so you never have to turn away a paying customer.

The Latest in Scanner/Scale Support

We’ve integrated with the latest scanner/scales from Zebra and Datalogic to support fast and efficient checkout.

Customer Display

Customer displays can be attached to POS units so customers can see their totals, items, and more.

The Latest in Payment Technology

Your point of sale should never limit customers or the way they pay for their goods.
Payment Technology

Payment Freedom

At IT Retail, we believe in giving customers every opportunity and convenience possible in paying for their goods. This is why our solutions include the latest payment systems, fully supporting advanced features like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Furthermore, IT Retail POS allows for store and forward payments. Not even an offline internet connection can stop our payment system.

Our POS works with EMV, Debit, EBT Food, EBT Cash, gift cards, checks, and more.

Immediate Customer Satisfaction

Enable customer interaction and satisfaction like never before.

Customer displays,
loyalty, and reporting.

With IT Retail POS, increasing customer satisfaction is easy. Our systems allow for integrated attachment of customer-facing displays, helping your shoppers see what’s happening at checkout.

We’ve worked with grocers to develop a customer loyalty program that works. Read more about customer loyalty here.

Plus, see how your customers are shopping with advanced reporting, including top items purchased, recent visit dates, and more.

Immediate Customer Satisfaction

The Need for POS

The Point of Sale is the best tool in the modern store for cashiers to maximize their speed, accuracy, and customer service

POS checkout systems are advanced sensors, collecting data like transactions, product movement, and customer information from their store. This data is collected and presented in a straightforward format that helps grocers make informed decisions about their businesses.

The POS is meant to work alongside grocers, giving them confidence and assistance to run their stores as best as possible.
The Need for POS