4 Ways Self-Checkout Saves Grocers Money

Self-checkout is the new norm for grocery stores. 

Sure, self-checkout kiosks have been popular for some time. But after the COVID-19 pandemic that required many grocers to rely on them to keep their customers and their business safe, grocers and shoppers better understand their benefits — which means they’re here to stay. In fact, experts predict that by 2026 there will be 1.5 million self-checkout kiosks installed globally.

This industry trend is the perfect solution for customers who want complete control over their transactions — but how much does it really help grocers?

Here are four ways self-checkout kiosks save your store money.

1. Save on Employee Labor Costs

One of the biggest benefits of self-checkout kiosks is that they save you money on labor costs. With a self-checkout option, one cashier can oversee six transactions at once. 

You don’t need as many cashiers to fully staff your checkout lanes — but you don’t have to sacrifice efficient customer service, either. And with the ongoing labor shortage in the industry, you need to explore every option possible to keep your store running smoothly.

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2. Attract More Customers

Long lines scare away even the most loyal of customers (97 percent of them, in fact) — which is why savvy shoppers appreciate the availability of self-checkout kiosks. 

Self-checkout gives customers complete control over their transactions, from looking up prices to how quickly they scan their items. The shopping experience is entirely up to them, which is attractive to many potential buyers. You may even turn them into repeat customers, meaning more money in your pocket.

3. Make Room for More Lanes

There will always be a need for traditional checkout lanes, but they do take up valuable floor space. Self-checkout kiosks, on the other hand, don’t. In fact, you can fit about four to six self-checkout kiosks in the space you need for one traditional lane, increasing the number of customers you can serve at any given time — and more transactions mean more money. 

And with the extra space, you might even consider adding inventory. Make the most of your floor space to make the customer experience more efficient — you’ll not only attract new customers, you’ll convince them to come back for more. 


4. Improve Store Efficiency

Self-checkout improves backend efficiency, too. Find a self-checkout kiosk that integrates seamlessly with your point of sale (POS) system to streamline communication, data, and reports throughout your store — and even across multiple locations, if you have them. 

This increases the overall efficiency of your store, because you don’t have to worry about manually transferring data from individual kiosks to your POS. Plus, it’s easier to spot discrepancies and quickly solve problems. 

Boost Your Business With Self-Checkout Options From IT Retail and Our Partners

To keep up with growing industry trends, smart grocery store owners leverage self-checkout options to boost their bottom line. It keeps customers happy and business booming.

And while IT Retail has always appreciated the value of self-checkout, we know when it’s time to up the ante — which is why we’re partnering with HP and Fujitsu to bring the best self-checkout experience to your store, so you can save precious time and money.

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