Mar 25, 2022 Margaret Thacker

3 Ways Self-Checkout Saves Grocers Money

3 Ways Self-Checkout Saves Grocers Money

Summary: Not only do self-checkout kiosks save on labor costs, but they bing more customers and make your store more efficient. By partnering with IT Retail and our noew partnership with HP and Fujitsu, your grocery store can save money and remain relevant to customers. 

Self-checkout kiosks are the new normal for grocery stores. Customers walk into a grocery store almost expecting a self-checkout now, making it crucial for grocers to jump on board! Self-checkout kiosks allow customers to scan their own items, and have control over their entire transaction. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, grocers began to depend on this transaction method to keep customers and employees safe. Employees don’t have to touch a customer’s items and the kiosks allow for social distancing. 

While the pandemic increased self-checkout use, experts say that the trend is here to stay. It’s forecasted that there will be 1.5 million self-checkout kiosks installed globally by 2026. This increase may have grocers wondering if self-checkout is worth it and if really does save grocers money. To give the short answer, yes, self-checkout kiosks, will save your grocery store money. We have 3 key ways self-checkout will save your store money, and what you can do to stay relevant! 

1. Saves on Employee Labor Costs

Saving on labor costs is one of the biggest benefits of self-checkout kiosks. During the Great Resignation of 2021, grocery stores needed new ways to serve customers. No longer could grocery stores fully staff checkout lanes for an efficient customer experience. 

With self-checkout kiosks, 1 cashier can oversee six transactions at once. This cuts down the number of labor hours grocers have to pay, without limiting service to customers. Having a self-checkout option also helps grocery stores succeed in the midst of a labor shortage. 

2. Attracts More Customers 

As more grocery stores implement self-checkout kiosks, customers tart to prefer handling their own transactions. They can see the cost of each product as they ring it up, and can trust themselves if there is ever a discrepancy. They also have control over the speed of their transaction and can bag their own groceries. 

Customers also notice how self-checkout kiosks eliminate long lines. They don’t have to wait for a cashier to ring up another customer’s items, and can quickly serve themselves. A self-checkout option attracts more customers, as 97% of customers in the United States are deterred by long checkout lines. However, 65% of these shoppers would prefer to use a slack-checkout kiosk for a faster experience. By implementing self-checkout kiosks, your grocery store can attract and retain more customers, bringing you more revenue while saving you money! 

3. Improves Store Efficiency 

The floor space in your grocery store is crucial for improving sales and revenue. While traditional checkout lanes take up valuable space, slack-checkout kiosks do not. You can make the most out of your floor space, helping customers move through efficiently, and intriguing more customers to purchase items. If your store does not use potential space to your advantage, you may risk a gap in your revenue. 

Self-checkout kiosks also improve backend efficiency. You can use a self-checkout kiosk that seamlessly integrates with your POS, inventory, and reporting analytics. This can streamline communication and data throughout your store, making your store more efficient. When the systems of your sore are seamlessly integrated, it is easier to spot discrepancies and problem solve, saving your store time and money. 

The Latest and Greatest from IT Retail 

The Latest and Greatest from IT Retail 

You can reap all the benefits of a self-checkout kiosk with IT Retail. While IT Retail’s self-checkout kiosks have always been the best way to improve efficiency and save your store money, we are now upgrading our self-checkout product!

 IT Retail is partnering with HP and Fujitsu to create the best self-checkout experience. As leaders in grocery and communication technology, our self-checkout kiosks can help your store save on labor costs, intrigue customers to shop at your store, and streamline your store’s processes. 

IT Retails Self-checkout kiosks are easy to use for both customers and employees. You can switch between cashier-assisted and self-service modes to provide the best service to customers. Our POS system also has “follow-me” indicator lighting making it a positive experience for first-time users. 

Provide your customers with shorter lines more conveniences, and save your store money with IT Retail. Schedule a demo with us today to find out how IT Retail can upgrade your store! 

 Key Points 

Key Points 

  • Self-checkout kiosks are the new normal for grocery stores and it’s predicted that  1.5 million self-checkout kiosks will be installed globally by 2026.
  • Grocery stores need to implement self-checkout kiosks to stay relevant and save money.
  • Grocery stores began to depend on self-checkout kiosks through the Great Resignation.
  • Self-checkout kiosks save grocery stores labor costs, as one cashier can oversee six transactions at once. 
  • Customers have depended on self-checkout kiosks for a faster customer experience, and to stay safe during COVID-19. 
  • Self-checkout kiosks shorten lines and attract more customers. About  97% of customers in the United States are deterred by long checkout lines. 65% of these shoppers would prefer to use a slack-checkout kiosk for a faster experience. 
  • By attracting more customers, grocery stores can gain more revenue and improve customer loyalty
  • Grocery stores can also upgrade their efficiency with self-checkout kiosks. By streamlining their data and communication, grocery stores can run their store smoothly, saving money, and solving problems before they become costly. 
  • IT Retail is partnering with HP and Fujitsu to create the best self-checkout experience. As leaders in grocery and communication, our self-checkout kiosks will improve customer experience, and save your grocery store money. 

To learn how IT Retail’s self-checkout solutions can upgrade your store by scheduling a demo today!

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