The Best POS Software For Grocery Stores: 5 Solid Options

Imagine your grocery store with shorter lines, perfectly balanced inventory, growing numbers of loyal customers, and data-driven promotions that boost your sales. Sounds great, right? 

The perfect POS software for your grocery store can help you get there. Choosing a grocery store POS software that’s well-suited to your business model and operations can help you more accurately track inventory, easily pull and evaluate sales data, set up customer loyalty programs, speed up the checkout process for your guests, and more.

But finding the right POS software for your grocery store can seem daunting. With so many options available, gathering all the information you need to make the best decision for your business can be a major undertaking. 

That’s why we’re here to help you cut through the noise and evaluate the best POS software for grocery stores. We’ve done the research on what grocers like you want and need in a POS system, and we’ve narrowed it down to five solid options. 

The Top 5 POS Software Options For Grocery Stores

  1. IT Retail
  2. Clover
  3. Markt POS
  4. Epos Now
  5. POS Nation

We’ve broken down each of these grocery store POS software options according to their standout features, pricing, and reviews, giving you a great place to start on your research journey. 

1. IT Retail

To start off, we truly believe that IT Retail is one of the very best POS software for grocery stores. Designed by and for grocers, IT Retail has been helping small grocery stores streamline their operations for over 25 years. 

IT Retail’s Key Features

  1. Powerful inventory management that gives users the power to manage inventory levels from anywhere, generate purchase orders, and track shrink
  2. Robust reporting in a simple interface that shows sales data, product sales rates, and more within any time frame
  3. Customer loyalty program options to reward guests for choosing your grocery store
  4. E-commerce integration that allows customers to browse your products and place grocery orders online

IT Retail Reviews

IT Retail has earned a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on Capterra, and you can check out our video testimonials to see how IT Retail users have put the software to work in their businesses. Here’s one reviewer’s assessment: 

“I can better run my store with a reliable front-end system and a back-end system that can provide the information I need to make timely decisions. Reliable, easy to use, great support.” — Archie M. 

IT Retail Pricing

IT Retail’s POS software solutions for markets and local grocery stores start at $99 per month, but larger grocery store chains or supermarkets can request pricing using IT Retail’s Build and Price tool

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2. Clover

Clover is a POS software solution that targets small to mid-sized general retailers and restaurants. Clover’s main appeals are its simplicity, versatility, and ability to integrate with other software. 

Clover’s Key Features

  1. Customizable reporting allows users to personalize their reports and only see the data that’s important to them
  2. Customer relationship management enables the creation of customer profiles with information like shopping habits, birthdays, and rewards points
  3. Administrative features make it easy to set employee permissions and monitor employee activity
  4. Cloud-based app shares inventory levels, sales data, and more from anywhere

Clover Reviews

Clover boasts a 3.9 star rating out of 5 on Capterra. Here’s what one Clover customer has to say about the software: 

“My overall experience with Clover has spanned from the creation of menus and items with sub menus and add-ons for each item, as well as specials for days of the week as well as happy hour times to daily usage for POS transactions. Overall I have been very happy with everything.” — Elizabeth S. 

Clover Pricing

Clover offers a wide range of pricing options, but one of their most popular plans starts at $749 upfront and a $14.95 monthly fee afterward. 

3. Markt POS

Markt POS is another solid POS software for grocery stores — designed specifically for neighborhood markets and grocerants. Markt POS aims to help small business owners compete with big box grocers by offering them an affordable all-in-one POS solution and freeing them from tedious, manual tasks like inventory management and sales reporting. 

Markt POS’ Key Features

  1. Dedicated 24/7 service to solve issues and get answers to questions quickly and stress-free
  2. Cloud-based software that enables grocery stores to keep running even through internet outages
  3. Inventory management that features low stock notifications and the option to add unique items and barcodes to your inventory
  4. Easy-to-use software helps employees learn to use the system efficiently and accurately

Markt POS Reviews

Markt POS’ Google reviews average 5 out of 5 stars, and they showcase customer testimonial videos on their website. Here’s one review of the software and service: 

“Edgar is extremely helpful and responsive to our POS questions. He has helped us continuously to keep our system up and running as well as create solutions for our business needs. The service has been top notch and hopefully will continue.” — Joanna A. 

Markt POS Pricing

Use the Markt POS custom pricing tool to get a free quote instantly. 

4. Epos Now

Epos Now is a UK-based POS provider catering to small businesses in the retail and hospitality spaces. They offer POS software focused on simplicity and speed. 

Epos Now’s Key Features

  1. Various integration options with other software for e-commerce, marketing, and more
  2. Highly customizable interface allows users to tailor the software to their specific needs
  3. Cloud-based inventory management grants business owners the ability to check on their inventory from anywhere and manage inventory across multiple locations in a chain
  4. Smart insights and reporting provide sales data in a digestible format

Epos Now Reviews

Epos Now has garnered 3.4 stars out of 5 on Capterra. Here’s one review from an Epos Now customer: 

“Overall, the flexibility and customization is the best feature and the reason we stay. In addition, Epos is always updating and improving! Very helpful customer service group!” — Denise Z. 

Epos Now Pricing

Epos Now offers several service tiers, with their most basic plan starting at $39/month. 

5. POS Nation

POS Nation offers feature-packed POS software to small retailers and grocers. Their aim is to provide local businesses with the data and tools they need to compete with larger chains. 

POS Nation’s Key Features

  1. Coupon creation lets users create and accept unique coupons to delight customers and boost sales
  2. Unlimited item database enables users to create as many items as needed and create shortcuts to help cashiers speed up the checkout process
  3. Customizable reporting offers detailed data on nearly every aspect of a grocery store’s operations
  4. Employee management reduces time spent on manual processes like time clocking, payroll management, and more

POS Nation Reviews

POS Nation has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Capterra, and they also showcase several video testimonials on their website. Here’s what one POS Nation user has to say about the grocery store POS software: 

“What I liked most about this software was pretty much everything. From the price, the free installation, the iCloud monthly service, the 24/7 helpline, and the overall easiness of the system. Everything was customized for the products we sell.” — Jennifer A. 

POS Nation Pricing

You can explore POS Nation’s service options using their quote tool, but their most popular plan for grocery store POS software begins at $149/month. 

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Choosing POS Software For Your Grocery Store: Next Steps

Now that we’ve laid out some solid POS software for grocery stores, it’s time to think about your priorities for your business. Here are our suggested next steps now that you’ve done the research: 

  1. Determine your must-haves for your grocery store POS software. What features do you need most? Which ones would be nice to have? 
  2. Talk with your team about what features they’d like to see in a new POS software. Your cashiers, stockers, and deli counter associates may have different perspectives, pain points, and suggestions. 
  3. Set a budget, and pay careful attention to which services require a long-term contract. 

Our industry experts would also be happy to talk you through this decision and provide guidance on your journey to finding the perfect POS software solution for your grocery store. 

Schedule an IT Retail demo today for the opportunity to ask your grocery store POS questions and see IT Retail in action!