Butcher Shop and Deli POS: 3 Top Features

Owning a butcher shop and deli comes with a set of unique challenges that aren’t faced by other small businesses. From keeping track of an inventory with high rates of turnover to integrating and managing a deli scale, the skills needed to manage a butcher shop or deli are complex and varied. 

But it doesn’t have to be difficult. Using a focused butcher shop and deli point of sale solution, you can take your business to the next level and optimize your customers’ experiences. Read on to learn about what a butcher shop and deli POS can do for your store. 

1. Integration with Your Deli Scale

At your deli, you likely use random weight scales to measure custom weighted items , like meat and cheese. For these transactions, you probably also print a sticker label to be scanned at checkout. 

A butcher shop and deli POS system can support the full functionality of random weight deli scales and their printed labels, allowing transactions to be rung up immediately and painlessly. These POS systems can also work seamlessly with scales from multiple different companies. They are intuitive to use, functioning the same way all major grocery stores work. 

For example, IT Retail’s solution can actually communicate with your deli scale. So, when something is weighed, your POS will automatically know exactly how much to charge per ounce or pound – and you won’t have to manually key in the weight. This also simplifies inventory management, as the POS will know exactly how much is being sold, and deduct that from the amount in stock. 

2. Advanced Inventory Tracking

As a small business owner, you are probably familiar with the struggle of keeping track of a varied inventory. This process only grows more complicated with items that need to be tracked in weight units, like meat and cheese. 

A butcher shop and deli POS system includes inventory management tools that make it easy to track a large and diverse inventory. Furthermore, many POS systems are smart enough to track pounds sold of any scalable item.

A good POS solution will help you calculate shrinkage by analyzing items received, items sold, and past inventory accounts. It will also allow you to create purchase orders that will let you pay for what you received, not what you ordered — eliminating vendor and shipping discrepancies. 

Lastly, a functional retail POS solution will automatically create low stock reports, evaluating sales over multiple periods of time so you’ll know exactly how much to reorder to maximize profits and minimize losses.

3. Blazing Fast Checkout

The checkout process can be the perfect storm – an excess of customers, understaffed store, or unwieldy checkout technology can become a nightmare for your butcher shop or deli. After all, the faster your customers can check out, the happier they’ll be – and the opposite also holds true. 

By using a butcher shop and deli POS solution, meat stores can facilitate a rapid, efficient, and reliable checkout experience. How, you ask? For one thing, many meat counters use universal product code barcodes that start with a 2, as they have the price and weight of the item encoded into the barcode. A good retail POS solution will support weighing meat on a scale, printing a sticker to place on the butcher paper, and scanning the price encoded in the barcode through the checkout process. 

Another perk: point of sale solutions offer full support for the latest in payment technology, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, EBT, EMV, and gift cards. Further, many cloud-based POS systems (like IT Retail’s) enable credit transactions even when the internet is down — meaning your store will be able to serve customers in case of an emergency. 

POS Systems and Your Butcher Shop and Deli 

These perks of a butcher shop and deli pos system can transform the way you run your small business – and they’re just the tip of the iceberg. 

IT Retail’s POS solution can function from any location, so you don’t need to be physically at your store to keep track of your retail store. It also has employee time tracking features, helping you manage your staff — and a customizable touchscreen, so you can personalize your management experience. 

Basically, a targeted butcher shop and deli POS is a want, not a need, for your business. Ready to give one a try? Schedule a demo with our team today!