6 Essential POS Features For Your Supermarket System

As a supermarket owner, your to-do list is miles long. Your community relies on you to offer the freshest groceries and friendliest customer service in the neighborhood — not to mention the behind-the-scenes work that goes into running a profitable supermarket. 

If you’re feeling stretched thin, there’s good news: The right supermarket point of sale (POS) system can help. 

A supermarket system offers all the tools you need to tackle inventory management, boost customer satisfaction, and track your sales — so you have more time to spend leveling up your small business. 

Here are six must-have POS features to keep an eye out for when searching for the perfect supermarket system. 

1. Inventory App

One of the most difficult aspects of running a successful supermarket is inventory management. Keeping accurate records of your stock and reordering at the right time is crucial for keeping your shelves stocked and preventing your perishable items from spoiling. 

Your supermarket system should have robust inventory tools, including a mobile app that allows you to keep an eye on your inventory from anywhere — whether you’re on the sales floor or in the back office. 

Your supermarket system’s inventory management features allow you to see real-time stock counts, generate purchase orders, receive new inventory, and even monitor shrinkage

2. Scale Integration

If your supermarket sells items like meats, cheeses, and produce by weight, scale integration with your supermarket system is a must-have. Scale integration increases pricing and inventory accuracy, while also making the checkout experience more convenient

Here’s a walkthrough of what the purchase process looks like with scale integration: Your customer requests a pound of turkey from your deli department. Your deli staff slices and weighs their turkey, then prompts your supermarket system to print a barcode. 

When it’s time to checkout, your cashier scans the barcode, and your POS system automatically recognizes the item type, weight, and price — ensuring that your inventory is updated correctly, the item is priced properly, and your customer has a quick and easy checkout experience. 

3. Online Grocery

Many customers now prefer grocery delivery and pickup over the traditional in-store shopping experience. The good news? Online grocery is a great way to make your supermarket stand out from the competition.  

Offering online grocery can increase customer satisfaction, boost your sales, and help you attract new customers to your store. Make sure to choose a supermarket system with e-commerce integration so that you can seamlessly make sales in-store and online. 

4. Detailed Sales Reporting

Understanding your sales trends is key to growing your small business. Your supermarket system is a goldmine of valuable insights about how your store is performing — revealing your customers’ shopping habits, your bestselling items, and seasonal shifts in your sales. 

Your supermarket system should offer a variety of sales report options that are easy to digest, while also providing a comprehensive overview of your business’ performance. 

5. Offline Functionality

If your POS system relies on an internet connection, you might lose sales and disappoint your customers if you encounter network issues. 

To keep your business running smoothly no matter what, your supermarket system should be able to handle essential tasks offline. 

When the internet goes down, your system will continue to process transactions, ensuring seamless service for your customers. When you’re reconnected, your supermarket system will sync your sales records and inventory information.Saving Calculator

6. Customer Loyalty

Your supermarket’s success depends on a loyal customer base. Luckily, your supermarket system is your greatest ally in creating buzz for your business. 

Your POS system should include a customizable loyalty program that allows you to offer special perks and discounts to encourage your customers to choose your supermarket time and time again. 

With the help of your supermarket system and loyalty program, you’ll be able to generate repeat business, increase your sales, and build your customer base. 


Level Up Your Business With a Supermarket System

A supermarket system is a powerful tool that can transform your inventory management process, increase customer satisfaction, and help you run your business more efficiently. 

Your specific business needs and goals are unique, but these six features should give you a solid start on your journey to finding the perfect supermarket system.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one POS solution for your supermarket, IT Retail is a supermarket system created by grocers, for grocers — with all the tools you need to take your small business to new heights. Schedule a demo with one of our grocery industry experts today to see how IT Retail can make a difference for your supermarket.