5 Online Grocery Shopping Trends To Watch in 2024


With nearly half of all Americans having ordered groceries online, getting into the e-commerce game is a must for your small business. 

But simply giving your customers the option to place orders online won’t cut it. 

Success depends on staying up to date with the latest online grocery shopping trends, ensuring your shoppers have the most modern, convenient experience when they choose to order from your grocery store. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the five online grocery shopping trends you need to know — plus how to stay ahead of the curve. 

1. Personalized Grocery Shopping Experiences

Today’s consumers are often overwhelmed by the options available when online shopping — and browsing your grocery store’s digital aisles is no different. 

That’s why one of the top online grocery shopping trends to watch for in 2024 is personalized experiences. Whether your customers are shopping with you in person or online, they want to feel like your store caters to their unique wants and needs

As they explore your grocery store’s offerings, they’re seeking out curated product recommendations, personalized coupons, and even recipe ideas based on their preferences. 

How To Stay Ahead of This Trend

So, how can you tailor the online grocery shopping experience to your customers’ tastes? 

The easiest way to take advantage of this online grocery shopping trend is to rely on a point of sale (POS) system with a built-in customer loyalty feature. This tool allows you to keep track of your returning customers and learn about their shopping habits. 

Equipped with this data, you can provide the best recommendations and offer personalized promotions to your customers, boosting their satisfaction and your sales. 

2. Subscription-Based Grocery Services

Customers who opt to shop for their groceries online are often short on time — which is why they’re willing to subscribe to grocery delivery services. 

Instead of having to carve out time for grocery shopping each week, they can sign up to have their go-to staples delivered right to their door with no extra effort required. 

Subscriptions aren’t just good for your busiest shoppers; they’re also beneficial for your grocery store’s bottom line, giving you the chance to make large sales regularly. 

How To Stay Ahead of This Trend

To hop on this online grocery shopping trend, you need to partner with a grocery e-commerce platform that lets you offer subscriptions for delivery and pickup. 

Make sure to choose a solution that integrates with your grocery store’s POS system and allows you to offer flexible subscription options, giving your customers the freedom to choose how often they’d like to receive their groceries. 

3. App-Based Online Grocery Shopping

While having a website is a must for any successful grocery store, many online grocery shoppers would prefer to browse your offerings and place their orders through an app. 

Offering your online grocery shopping services through an app will help you appeal to a larger, tech-savvy customer base. They’ll have the flexibility to order their groceries at any time, from anywhere. 

How To Stay Ahead of This Trend

To attract app aficionados, invest in an online grocery shopping platform that allows your customers to shop with you via a website and a user-friendly app. 

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4. Preferences for Healthy, Locally-Sourced Groceries

Chances are, you’ve noticed an uptick in the number of customers seeking out the healthiest options to stock their refrigerators and pantries. 

Your online grocery shoppers are no different. 

They’re in the market for groceries that meet their health and nutritional needs, as well as products that fall within their standards for sustainability. 

How To Stay Ahead of This Trend

To appeal to your health and environmentally-conscious customers, make sure your online grocery shopping platform allows customers to easily see the nutrition facts and ingredient lists for each of your products. 

If you offer organic goods or products sourced from local farms, make sure to highlight these and boost their visibility on your e-commerce platform. 

Giving your customers access to this information about each of your products will help them find exactly what they’re looking for, increasing their trust in your grocery store. 

5. A Focus on Value

As the cost of living increases, your shoppers are on the hunt for the very best deals, hoping to get the biggest bang for their buck. 

That’s why it’s crucial to offer regular, enticing promotions that your customers can take advantage of, whether they’re shopping with you in person or online. 

How To Stay Ahead of This Trend

To keep these thrifty customers happy, make sure your promotions are valid both online and in-store. Don’t forget to allow your shoppers to earn and redeem their loyalty program rewards when they place an order! 

If you’re hoping to grow your online grocery shopping operations, you might even consider offering exclusive coupons to your customers who order online. 

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How To Stay in the Loop About Online Grocery Shopping Trends

With the constant changes happening with online grocery shopping, the best way to stay ahead of the curve is to invest in powerful tools, including the right POS system and the right grocery e-commerce platform. 

When working together, these tools act as your partner in creating an excellent online grocery shopping experience for your customers. They’ll help you manage your inventory, offer exciting promotions, and learn more about your customers’ shopping habits across your online and in-person channels. 

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