4 Top Retail POS Systems for Small Markets

Looking for a retail POS system to fit your market? A good POS solution is invaluable, and can make or break your small business management –  so we understand and applaud the time and effort you’re putting into your decision. 

As POS creators who have been in the business for more than 25 years, we’re here to share our expertise and insight with small market owners like you. 

In that interest, we’ve compiled a list of the four top retail POS solutions for small markets, and provided a comprehensive description of each with features offered, pricing, hardware, pros, cons, and comparisons. Read on to find a POS solution that will fit your small market perfectly. 

Best Overall: IT Retail 

Best for Ease of Use: Markt POS

Best for Customer Service: POS Nation for Grocery 

Best for Your Wallet: Revel Systems

Best Overall: IT Retail

  • Price: $199/month

This retail POS system is designed specifically for small businesses in the grocery industry – for grocers, by grocers. IT Retail offers solutions catered to a wide variety of verticals: Asian markets, Bodegas, Halal markets, co-ops, butcher shops, and much, much more. Its software features include the expected – powerful inventory management, self-checkout aisles, deli scale integration — and the extraordinary – e-commerce options, baked-in customer loyalty programs, and smart analytics reporting. It also includes a total hardware package: Widescreen touch PC , thermal receipt printer, barcode laser scanner, 16-inch cash drawer, PIN pad, and customer display. 

IT Retail is one of the priciest options on this list, but its comprehensive, top-of-the-line POS solution is worth it. From fish markets to organic food stores, IT Retail has a product tailored to your small market. 

Best for Ease of Use: Markt POS

  • Price: $149/month

Markt POS was created as an easy-to-use, intuitive system for community markets. It offers all the POS features your small market needs. Its inventory management system includes low stock notification and purchase order creation. It also touts self-checkout, employee management, and e-commerce options. Its cloud-based tech also ensures that you can run your market anytime, from anywhere. Markt POS’ hardware package includes a touch PC, receipt printer, scanner, cash drawer, and chip card reader. 

MarktPOS’s features aren’t as flashy as other players on the list – its smart reporting software is not as powerful as other, more established POS providers. However, as a younger brand, its selling point is its ease of use. In addition, Markt POS emphasizes its dedicated, 24/7 tech support services, ensuring that its users are set upon receiving their system.

Best for Customer Service: POS Nation for Grocery 

  • Price: $149/month

POS Nation is another retail POS known for its excellent customer service and support. They, like other options on the list, offer smart inventory reports, inventory oversight with an unlimited database and thousands of SKUs, employee and payroll management, scale integration, customer loyalty programs, and security integrations. It also offers case break options, as well as hotkeys with photos. Its comprehensive hardware bundle includes a widescreen touch PC, thermal receipt printer, barcode laser scanner, cash drawer, PIN pad, and customer display. 

POS Nation for Grocery holds the second highest price tag on this list, but it does tout best-in class-customer satisfaction. With its highly rated, 24/7 support, and 30-day money back guarantee for customers not satisfied with their package, POS Nation for Grocery is a great fit for small markets who anticipate seeking high levels of support and contact with their POS providers.

Best For Your Wallet: Revel Systems 

  • Price: $99/month 

Revel Systems markets itself as the first iPad POS platform, and is also the most affordable on this list. This retail POS solution is slightly different from other options on this list; it is a less traditional take on the software and hardware small markets need. For example, its software is delivered on an Apple iPad, offering a sleek and modern POS interface. Revel Systems also offers a vast virtual experience, when compared to its competitors: It touts e-commerce, delivery, and online ordering as the highlights of its software package. 

Revel Systems is a great option to bring your small market online. However, its focus on an online experience does mean it offers fewer traditional (and necessary) POS features. It still touts customer loyalty programs, self-service kiosks, and inventory management and reporting – but if you’re looking for a traditional POS solution, Revel Systems may not be the best fit. 

What’s the Best Retail POS System for Your Small Market? 

The retail POS system industry is saturated with great solutions – this list highlights four top options. Ultimately, though, the best retail POS system for your small market will depend upon your diverse and unique needs. 

We recommend choosing a POS system that is both flexible and comprehensive – it will provide solutions to a wide range of problems, and address them effectively. If you’re interested in giving our solution a try, schedule a demo with the IT Retail team today. It’s time to take your small market to the next level!