3 Unique Features of Corner Store POS Software

If you own a corner store, you’re more than aware of the unique challenges associated with such a niche business. Between varied inventory, a fast-paced customer environment, and employee management, running a corner store can feel overwhelming. 

That’s where corner store POS software comes in. Small businesses are no strangers to point of sale systems, but corner store specific solutions come with multiple features that are tailored to the industry, and easy to integrate to your current setup. Read on to learn which three unique features of corner store POS systems will revolutionize the way you run your business. 

Inventory Management and Reporting

Corner stores boast a large and diverse inventory, with items from fresh produce to alcohol to toiletries. Corner stores also usually serve a wide variety of clientele, who rely on corner stores to have a wide variety of household essentials always in stock. As a result, corner store owners have a responsibility to their customers to keep these products available while working to increase transaction sizes by offering unique products.

Corner store POS software’s inventory management will allow you to keep track of your products without stress. A good point of sale includes features such as real-time inventory tracking, automated shelf sticker printing for placing products on the floor, and expiration date monitoring. On the back end, POS software makes adding new inventory, managing vendors, and checking on-hand quantities easy and intuitive. 

And don’t forget: POS software can also offer sales monitoring and reporting technology. With access to analyzed data that is easy to read and understand, you’ll be able to identify which items are in stock, and what products are best- and worst-sellers. Using these reports, you’ll be able to make inventory order decisions that will allow you to maximize your profits and minimize your losses. 

Checkout Convenience and Hardware

Corner store customers expect rapid and efficient service – and the best way to provide that is a quick and easy checkout experience. Corner store POS software provides several solutions for an improved and expedited checkout process, guaranteeing reliability and lightning speed. 

For example, a good POS recognizes that Wi-Fi can be unstable (and life happens) – so it’ll ensure that transactions can be processed even when the internet is down. Your corner store will be up and running through blackouts, natural disasters, and damaged routers alike. 

Corner store POS software is also designed to integrate with hardware that will improve checkout. Your solution should support all types of payment technology, including newcomers on the scene — accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, 1-Second EMV, EBT, swipe, and more. 

If your corner store sells alcohol or nicotine products, POS hardware integrations can also ease the process of retailing age-restricted items. Scan licenses for quick age verification, or scan the product itself and the software will ask for the customer’s date of birth —  verifying the sale. 

Last but not least, your corner store POS software should be able to integrate smoothly with operations you already have in place at checkout, such as lottery store redemption, a loyalty program, and competitive payment processing rates. Keep this in mind while choosing POS software, and make sure that whatever solution you choose offers these features. 

Employee Theft Measures

All small businesses are susceptible to employee theft, and corner stores are no different. Internal inventory shrinkage is a real problem, but don’t forget about the reality of theft such as abusing employee discounts and time theft (clocking in early or clocking out late to give the appearance of a longer work week). 

Corners stores are open long hours, and between customer service and inventory management, keeping track of employee performance and scheduling can be challenging. Corner store POS software  will allow you to monitor the time, location, and cashiers associated with every transaction, and can store those records for future review. Many POS systems also offer employee management features that consolidate information such as employee clock-in and -out times, and simplify cash register assignment. 

Corner Store POS Software and Your Small Business 

A corner store POS software is not a want for your small business – it’s a need. POS software that offers features unique to your business will save you time and money, and maximize your profits, in a way that traditional, generic technology cannot. 

Remember, your corner store is unique, and has unique needs; so, it needs a POS solution equipped with features that can accommodate your specific challenges. 

At IT Retail, we offer industry-specific solutions that are both comprehensive and customized, optimizing inventory handling, store administration, employee management, and more. If you’re ready to move forward with a POS system built with your business in mind, schedule a customized demo with our team today!