Accept eWIC at your store.

A federal mandate requires all WIC programs to transition to eWIC by 2020.

Our software can help YOU get set up with eWIC.

Accept eWIC at your California store.

Offline and Online eWIC

Our POS systems are enabled for online and offline eWIC processing.
We stay updated with processing availability per state.


Get your store fully EBT-equipped with our POS systems.

Modernize the Checkout Process

The federal mandate to transition to EBT is a great opportunity for businesses to modernize and improve their checkout processes. WIC programs are often plagued by administrative complexities and inefficient processing methods. EBT brings out the benefits of the WIC program without the difficulties that come with paper methods.

Utilize New EBT Advancements

So far, states that have implemented WIC with EBT (or eWIC) have seen significant improvements to the entire program and administrative process. IT Retail POS solutions provide you with a simple way to get started with new EBT advancements and implement eWIC into your store.


Do you want to see our grocery point of sale in action?

See how our POS solution gives business owners essential tools to run and understand their grocery stores better.

Help Getting Your Store Authorized

We’ll take care of implementing new EBT standards at your store so that you can get authorized as soon as possible. The sooner you’re set up with eWIC technology, the sooner you can start making WIC sales.

On-Site Installation
Onsite Installation

Our installation specialists will come to your store. We’ll get your scanner scales, PIN pads, and point of sale units set up – so you don’t have to.

Quick & Reliable Processing
Quick & Reliable Processing

Our payment processors are the best in the business. We’ll make sure every transaction is quick and efficient for customers.

24/7 Support
24/7 Support

Have questions? We’ve got answers and assistance waiting for you. Our support team is here 24/7 to help with your new POS system.

Payment Processing Evaluation
Payment Processing Evaluation

Not sure what payment processor to use? We can help. Over two decades of industry experience means that we can easily guide you through your payment processing options.