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Built to Empower Small Grocers

Retail MARKET was built to give grocers the tools they need to manage their stores more effectively.
The way we see it, every grocer needs a reliable POS system.

Built to Empower Small Grocers
Works Even When Your Store is Offline
Manage from Anywhere

We don’t just put some back office functionality in the cloud, we put it all in the cloud. See instant sales analytics, update prices, receive inventory, and manage employees from any browser on a desktop, laptop, or phone.

Updates You Actually Want

We believe that the way to build the best POS solution is to partner with grocery stores and to deeply understand their business. This is why we push frequent updates. All customers should be able to experience the real benefits of the POS they are building. Forget about expensive yearly updates to stay in compliance – our updates are frequent, seamless, and awesome.

Beautifully Rugged Hardware

We spent several years trying different tablets and all-in-one computers to find a reliable, powerful solution. All-in-One by Aures is first-in-class for uptime and reliability. The system comes with a full 3-year warranty.

What our Customers are Saying

“We check out hundreds of Harvard students and community members every day. Especially during the fall semester, we really need a reliable system that works for every transaction. IT Retail is there for us! With IT Retail, I can get up-to-the-minute information from anywhere. I use my laptop, my tablet, and my phone to check sales."

Charlie Bougas
Broadway Marketplace

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Encouraging Cost-Effective Grocery

Business owners have plenty of financial responsibility.
Retail MARKET makes it easier to save money.

No Servers

The cost of maintaining a server in the store is around $1,000 a year. With other systems, a server crash can render stores inoperable. We completely eliminate this cash-drain and headache because all of our lanes sync directly to the cloud.


Retail MARKET’s cloud back office includes a powerful inventory management system. We organize items reaching a low inventory threshold into a printable report sorted by the vendor. In other words, our inventory tools have superpowers.


Every aspect of our software is built for grocers. Cashiers easily pick up the workflow in minutes. Store managers have all the standard functionality they need and more. Less time fighting the POS means more time building a thriving market.


Our software gets rid of hefty software license fees. Our goal is to partner with grocery stores that choose our solution. We believe that the SaaS pricing model is best suited to achieve this objective. That’s why we charge $100 a month per lane.

You’re only a moment away from seeing your numbers.

We’ve constructed a calculator to show how much you can save with Retail MARKET.

Serving Customers

The POS is the last thing customers will see before they leave the store.
Our POS helps local markets serve their customers better.

Payment Freedom

Our POS works with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. Plus, stores can utilize EBT Food, EBT Cash, and gift cards. Retail MARKET lets customers choose the way they pay.

Simple Offline Payments

Retail MARKET allows customers to use their preferred payment method, even if the store loses internet connection. Every offline transaction is stored securely and sent once the internet is restored.

Speedy Checkout

Retail MARKET was specially designed for speed and reliability at the check stand. Every transaction is easy, quick, and reliable.

Grocery to the Core

Every grocer needs a POS designed for them.
Retail MARKET has every functionality needed to power a successful market.

Grocery to the Core
Works Even When Your Store is Offline
Peripheral Essentials

Retail MARKET possesses full scanner and scale integration for easy checkout.

Built with Experience

Retail MARKET was built side-by-side with experienced checkers. They’ll appreciate the painless transition from older legacy systems.

Organizational Opportunity

Manage grocery departments and organize products. Easily keep track of discounts, sales, and age limits.

Quick Training

In our experience, it takes about 10 minutes for a brand new cashier to learn how to use Retail MARKET. It’s easy and powerful.

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