Who Is IT Retail?

There are a few things that every grocery store needs to succeed. Grocery stores need to have a quality point of sale (POS) system that satisfies both the cashier and customer, strong visibility on how their store is performing, and a way to track employee performance. Technology is evolving too, so keeping up with customer expectations with loyalty programs, online grocery shopping, and self-checkout options is crucial to stay relevant.

Here at IT Retail, we know the importance of having the right technology, and the hurdles that come with it. Our foundation is in grocery, and we have been dedicated to improving independent and chain grocery stores since 1993. In the past 28 years, we have used our vast knowledge from working in the grocery industry to create technological solutions that have proven to improve customer and grocer experience.

Who Is IT Retail

Point of Sale (POS)

Our point of sale is designed for grocers, by grocers. Being in the industry, we know what it’s like to use point of sale systems that don’t meet your needs. 88% of American consumers aren’t satisfied with the speed of their checkout experience, and other points of sales don’t help with checkout efficiency. The check stand is the last thing that customers see in the store, and it can make or break their entire experience in the grocery store. Our POS leaves a positive impression on your customers and helps your grocery store management.

Point of Sales

IT Retail can help you see your sales, profit, transactions, and hours worked at a glance! Our reporting analytics give you grocery reports that are aimed to help you succeed. You’ll be able to see how your store is performing based on comparisons between date ranges, so that you can make the right adjustments. Does your grocery store perform better in the summer or winter? In the morning or at night? You can find out when and how your grocery store best succeeds with expandable grocery reports. 

Our reporting analytics will give you End of Day and End of Week reports that give you all the information you need, while being quick and easy to understand. We believe that confusing analytics can only cause more disruptions and trouble, and analytics that are easy to understand help you act with confidence and without hesitation.

IT Retail can show you all the details you need to make the right decisions. Our product sales report uses advanced filters for each of your products - you can sort by department and vendors, and see a full list of movers and nonmovers. The sales report will also show how product sales are performing based on price adjustments and other changes. You will also have full visibility of every transaction made with a digital view of each receipt. 

If you are used to working with Excel and Quickbooks, we can export your data to the tools you are most comfortable with as you work with your store’s numbers and performance data. We also provide reporting analytics on your mobile devices, so you can take your store on the go. Having clear visibility of your store’s performance is crucial to its success, and we take that a step further by showing your sales dashboard with the tap of a finger. 

Employees are the backbone of your grocery store. They keep the processes moving and are the point of contact for your customers. A team of employees is crucial to your business, but it is a lot to keep track of as you run the store. Our employee tracking system makes it easy to track your employees’ performance. All of our products work seamlessly together, as our employee performance values are always captured through the point of sale software. You can get all your sales and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data from the same source. 

When you have a team of employees, disruptions are bound to happen. You can’t prevent every discrepancy, but you can find the source of the problem to try and be proactive. Our employee tracking system shows how each employee performs in high-risk areas like voids and overrides. You will also be able to see how your employees work similarly, and which ones stand out and perform differently. This way, you can begin to source issues as they arise and become more proactive. 

IT Retail’s employee tracking also helps with role-based training. You can define what actions each employee is allowed to perform on both the front end register and back office management suite. To prevent high employee performance variations, you can limit an employee’s ability to sign off, perform voids, overrides, cancels, and more. You can also set a maximum refund total, and limit what your managers can see on the back end office management suite. 

Onboarding employees is easy with our employee management portal. You can onboard a large number of employees, update their information, or delete employees in a simple process. Your employees’ information will automatically work with our POS system so that they can get to work right away! 

Record employee time-sheet entries with our employee tracking as well! We have a shift manager feature that tracks clock-in/clock-out entries and automatically calculates the total hours worked in the day. You will be able to see each entry in whichever way works best for you, by day or long date ranges. This way, you can see how long your employees work in a week, month, or whatever time range you need! IT Retail’s solutions make it easy for employees to clock in at the cash register and start their day, and for you to automatically get all the information you need!

Inside the store

Customer satisfaction is a key part of your grocery store’s success, as customer retention is often less expensive than attracting new customers. We know that customers want to feel valued and become regulars at stores that they know they can trust. Build that trust and relationship with your customers using IT Retail’s customer loyalty program

Our loyalty program lets you customize your loyalty rewards to work with your store. Take dollar amounts or percentages off a customer’s entire transaction or individual item.

Incentivize customers to come by giving them points for every dollar spent, or set rewards to only work on certain days of the week. 

Keep your customers coming back with valuable incentives. Grocers like you are able to discount your customers' transactions based on the required amount of points. As customers spend money, they receive points that they can use as a discount on their next purchase! They can be surprised by the discount they receive at the register as you build your personalization rewards program for your customers. 

It only takes three steps to get started with our loyalty program. You can choose the number of points customers will earn for each dollar spent, then you can use our simple form to create new rewards for your customers, and then you can choose how many points each reward is worth. Our POS system makes it easy for cashiers to apply these rewards to their customer’s transaction 

Inside the store

IT Retail has integrated with AppCard so that you can have personalized marketing and loyalty. AppCard’s flexible platform is fully automated and lets you create a unique rewards program with personalized marketing campaigns. You will be able to focus on your business while AppCard automatically enters customers' points.  

AppCard also helps personalize every customer’s shopping experience by learning your customer’s buying cycles. The system learns customer preferences and can give recommendations to increase engagement. Customers are more likely to take part in this program because it is easy to enroll, and it’s easy to use with AppCard's touchscreen terminal. Customers can check in with their phone number, and both the cashier and customer can see their points balance, loyalty status, and available rewards.


Many grocers that have brought their store online have increased their sales by 15%. IT Retail can bring your store online so that all of your fresh, branded, and specialty items can be listed and seen easily. Full IT Retail POS integration can grow your customer base and our marketing partners will provide online, email, social, in-store, and on-site marketing.

Customer habits are constantly changing, and more people are turning to e-commerce sites to get what they need. IT Retail can fully integrate with e-commerce platforms so that you can be online in a snap. Your store will be able to deliver products right to your customers' doors with access to thousands of drivers and carries over 11,000 zip codes. This may sound like a lot to handle, but IT Retail will have you covered. Our partner platforms monitor your orders and deliveries so that you don’t have to worry about payments or refunds.

IT Retail has partnered with Mercato, Freshshop, Instacart, My Cloud Grocer, and more platforms that help your company have an efficient online shopping and delivery experience. Each of these companies shares a goal of uplifting independent grocery retailers to succeed in a competitive industry. Online grocery sales are doubling each year, and our goal is to put your store in the right hands so you can succeed.

Upgrade your checkout lanes to have more speed, efficiency, and ease of use. To improve your store’s customer experience, you can take our POS system a step further and choose our self-checkout kiosks. Self-checkout kiosks are perfect for the busy shopper, speeding up the checkout process and increasing convenience. It is also perfect for saving labor costs, as you only need one cashier for multiple self-checkout kiosks. 

We use our POS system in our self-checkout kiosk so that we can provide the best service possible. It allows you to switch from cashier-assisted and self-service modes to help you meet your customer’s needs. Our system also includes a myriad of tender options, an intuitive user interface, and extensive security like weight verification, an internal security door, and more. 

Customers appreciate the choice between a traditional checkout experience and self-service. We bring our products to both mom-and-pop shops and global chain grocery stores, so that every store can provide faster checkouts, shorter lines, and an overall positive customer experience. Our self-checkout kiosk has a friendly user interface that is easy to use for first-timers, and they have full control over transactions and tendering. We are ready to help your store bring customer satisfaction and save labor costs. 

It can be hard to work with multiple companies that provide POS systems, reporting analytics, and payment processing. With IT Retail payments, we are a one-stop-shop, so that you can get all of these products from a company that you trust. We simplify your payment processing management with our familiar POS system. 

Our payment processing keeps your customers' information safe, and verifies each transaction in a matter of seconds. It also accepts Google and Apple Pay, so that you can always meet your customer’s needs. We can help your store succeed with our payment processing, and save you money by offering you the best deal we can. IT Retail's payment processing is designed to help you provide a fantastic customer experience. We can help you increase your efficiency, productivity, and profitability.