Gear Up for the 2023 National Grocers Association Trade Show

It’s 2023, and the National Grocers Association is back with its annual trade show — the premier event for all members of the food industry.

This year’s show brings together independent grocers, supermarket owners, and food producers for extensive opportunities to network and to learn the latest industry innovations.

Here are the trends that are sure to be the talk of the trade.

Online Ordering and Pickup

Grocery e-commerce continues to increase in popularity, and it’s important for grocers to take advantage of this opportunity to scale their business. Customers appreciate convenience, and many opt for the flexibility of online ordering with in-store pickup options — so make sure to satisfy their demands. 

The NGA Trade Show features solutions for managing and optimizing e-commerce orders, like finding unique storage solutions and making use of unused floor space for pickup staging. It’ll also give insight into the future of delivery centers (like Kroger’s robotic fulfillment centers), and the potential benefits for retailers and customers. Plus, it’ll highlight e-commerce integrations like LocalExpress — which is IT Retail’s preferred vendor.

Data Analytics Platforms

Savvy business decisions are based on a thorough understanding of sales data, and having a strong analytics platform is key to making the most of this information. You can learn sales patterns to track top customers, compare sales at different locations, and prevent under and over-ordering.

The NGA Trade Show will highlight the importance of machine learning and AI-generated analysis, and offer modern solutions to help interpret this information. For example, IT Retail supports integrations with analysis platforms like retailMetrix, BR Data, and more, to help you stay ahead of the game in a competitive market.

At-Home Meal Prep

The success of grocery stores is dependent on continually getting customers through your doors. The recent pandemic sparked an increase in at-home cooking, so make sure to maintain this momentum with smart operational choices.

At the show, industry experts will share the freshest ways to take advantage of this trend. For example, Shopify will exhibit its unique recipe-based platform. Increase your brand awareness by including your products in their pre-made, ready-to-order recipe packages.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Another popular (and easy) way to develop a loyal customer base is to create customer loyalty programs, from paid rewards programs to community-based coupons. 

The trade show will feature the latest and greatest in industry technology, including point of sale systems that have integrated rewards programs. You can have all of your sales and customer information at your fingertips, so you can easily boost your bottom line.

Say Hello at the 2023 NGA Conference

This year’s National Grocers Association Conference is right around the corner, and we’re excited to see you. Come say hi to the IT Retail team at booth #1645, right under the large green tower!

Our specialists will host an educational seminar with grocers from two store chains to discuss the reinvention of the point of sale front end for grocery store owners.

If you’re ready to learn more about how a POS system made by grocers, for grocers helps you take your business to the next level, schedule some time with us at the trade show — we’d love to chat. (Plus, you’ll earn some powerful perks!)