5 Best Grocery Store Inventory App and POS Solutions

Are you ready to bid farewell to errors, stockouts, and frustrated customers? Though it’s unlikely you’ll be able to shake them entirely, with the right grocery store inventory app or point of sale (POS) solution, you can minimize these challenges for your business. 

Picture this: effortless inventory management, seamless transactions, and a top-notch shopping journey. Modern inventory apps and POS solutions for grocery stores are making this a reality. Leave behind manual processes and welcome streamlined operations.

In the competitive retail landscape, technology is your ally. Whether you run a local store or a supermarket, these solutions are tailored to elevate your business.

This post will walk you through five top options for grocery store inventory apps and all-in-one POS solutions. For each, we’ll talk through features, reviews, and pricing! 

Key Grocery Store Inventory App Features 

In today's fast-paced retail environment, grocery stores need more than just pen and paper to manage their inventory effectively. Enter the modern grocery store inventory app, equipped with features designed to streamline your inventory processes. But when you’re implementing a grocery store inventory app, what are some of the features you should consider?

Some top features grocery store owners may enjoy include:

  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking: With a top-notch inventory app, you can monitor the stock levels and product availability in your grocery store in real time. You can keep a watchful eye on your inventory, enabling accurate demand forecasting and timely restocking to prevent those frustrating out-of-stock situations. 
  • Barcode Scanning: Human errors in inventory management can be costly and time-consuming to fix. Fortunately, a grocery store inventory app often integrates with barcode scanners and custom label printers. This feature lets your staff quickly scan barcodes, instantly updating inventory levels and tracking product movements. Say goodbye to manual data entry errors and hello to a smoother, more error-free inventory management process.
  • Vendor Integration: Collaboration is key in the grocery business, and a good inventory app understands that. When your stock runs low, your inventory app may send automatic notifications, making reordering a breeze. 
  • Expiration Date Management: Nobody likes to find expired products on the shelves. A grocery store inventory app can help you keep track of expiration dates or send alerts for items nearing expiration. This proactive approach reduces waste and improves the overall quality of your products. 
  • Grocery Data Analytics and Reporting: A robust inventory app lets you generate comprehensive reports and insights on sales trends, popular products, and slow-moving items. Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions about inventory restocking, pricing strategies, and product promotions.

With this information in mind, let’s dive into our list of the top choices for grocery store inventory apps and POS solutions.


Vend, powered by Lightspeed, offers powerful and user-friendly inventory management software for a variety of retail stores. Users can easily add and manage products, create sizes and colors, or bundle products together within Vend's interface. 

The software automates inventory management by allowing users to set reorder points, ensuring that stores remain well-stocked. Comprehensive reporting tools enable businesses to monitor sales trends, make informed buying decisions, and keep their stores filled with products that sell. 

Vend also excels in multi-location stock control, ensuring inventory accuracy across various stores and warehouses. It simplifies multi-channel inventory management, automatically adjusting inventory levels for online sales, marketplaces, and social media, all within a centralized, cloud-based catalog. 

Review: “It's a fast-loading back-end, reliable and flexible POS system for the most part that is good for small to medium-sized retail stores with multiple locations like ours. It has all the features you might need.” -Lightspeed/Vend Customer

Pricing: Vend’s pricing options start at $69 per month.

IT Retail 

IT Retail offers comprehensive inventory management tools designed specifically for grocers. These tools seamlessly integrate with our point of sale system to simplify and enhance the inventory management process. 

With a mobile device, you have access to quick product edits, purchase order generation, and flexible receiving options, even without an order. We also provide inventory counting solutions and offer back office inventory management and reporting analytics capabilities, including features like shrinkage calculation, purchase order creation, and item receiving. 

Additionally, IT Retail offers low stock reports, enabling grocers to make informed reordering decisions based on sales data. IT Retail's POS and inventory management tools are tailored to meet the unique needs of grocery stores, making us an excellent choice for small business grocers.

Review: “IT Retail is a comprehensive POS system that allows me to efficiently serve my customers in the front end while providing me the tools and information to effectively run my business in the back office. IT Retail’s staff have been easy to work with and very accommodating.” -Archie McGregor III, Archies & Dissmores

Pricing: Get a custom quote for your perfect solution with our transparent build and price tool.

IT Retail guide to POS hardware

Markt POS

Markt POS offers an all-in-one solution tailored for local markets, providing comprehensive control over various aspects of operations. Markt POS boasts advanced features like inventory management with flexible options and low stock notifications, self-checkout systems to reduce wait times and enhance customer experience, and state-of-the-art POS hardware for optimized store operations.

Markt POS is built on accessible cloud-based technology, ensuring reliability and accessibility, even off-site. Their user-friendly software can help speed up checkout processes, and they offer dedicated 24/7 support. Markt POS also offers flexible payment options, including contactless and secure payment processing.

Review: “We've grown to have 4 stores, and we're really happy with Markt POS. When we opened our third location we decided to go with Markt POS because we thought it would be better for us, and a better suit for the company.” -Felipe Munoz, La Mexicana

Pricing: Markt POS offers custom quotes on their website.

Epos Now 

The Epos Now POS system is tailor-made for fast-paced retailers. It enables automated stock counts and purchase orders, supports various payment options, tracks margin data for product performance analysis, ensures rapid staff training, and includes essential hardware components. 

The smart stock control software built into Epos Now simplifies inventory management by providing stock alerts, effortless product management, barcode creation, and real-time visibility across locations. 

Epos Now also offers integrations for enhancing customer shopping options, online store creation, and seamless accounting integration. Detailed sales and product reports aid in making informed decisions, while comprehensive till security features protect against fraud. 

Review: “I like the interface of Epos which makes it easy to navigate. I also like how it gives me a report of the information I want to get from it. It is a very reliable retail tool.” -Epos Now Customer

Pricing: Epos Now’s complete solution starts at $99.

POS Nation 

POS Nation's specialty market and grocery store POS solution offers robust inventory management features to streamline operations. You can easily track inventory, accelerate checkout with integrated scales, simplify product selection with customizable hotkeys, create and accept coupons, and access over 55 prebuilt reports for in-depth analysis. 

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POS Nation’s all-in-one solution also simplifies employee management and payroll calculation, supports an unlimited item database, automates carton and case break inventory counts, and includes loss prevention features to protect against shrinkage. 

With these tools, grocery store and market owners can efficiently manage their businesses, attract customers through promotions, and optimize sales through product bundling and pricing strategies.

Review: “I like the POS system because it is touchscreen and fairly easy to navigate. Everything is sectioned off into categories and pages and you are able to scroll through and find what you need to find.” -POS Nation Customer

Pricing: POS Nation’s solution starts at $149 per month.

The Best Grocery Store Inventory App for Your Store 

Running inventory management smoothly is key to the success of any grocery store. If you want to easily manage inventory, avoid running out of stock, and save unnecessary cash wasted on overstock and spoilage, you need the right grocery store inventory app.

Your best bet? Opt for an all-in-one point of sale solution designed specifically for grocery stores and markets!

IT Retail offers all the features you need to run your store, such as self-checkout kiosks, advanced inventory management tools, customer loyalty features, and more. Better yet, our build and price model allows you to get only the hardware and software you need — and none of the pricey extras you don’t!

Check out a free demo of IT Retail today to see if our solution is right for your grocery store.