Finding an Online Grocery Platform: 4 Top Providers

If you own a grocery store, you know that digital grocery sales have been on the rise over the past few years. Insider Intelligence predicts that online grocery sales will continue to see double-digit growth in the years to come, bringing more than $121 billion into the market. 

If you’re looking to catch that wave (and you should be!), you’re likely evaluating online grocery platforms to figure out which options best fit your grocery store’s needs and management software. 

As a leading point of sale (POS) provider, our team at IT Retail has put together a list of the best online grocery platforms out there, complete with special features and our customers’ testimonials. And, of course, all of the platforms listed below can be  easily (and successfully!) integrated into IT Retail’s software. 

1. Local Express

This easy-to-use online grocery platform was created for market owners of every size. Its onboarding process is only 24 hours, and Local Express promises ongoing partner support during and after your onboarding experience. Local Express processes both credit card and EBT payments. It sets itself apart from other online grocery platforms with its baked-in loyalty program, complete with coupon and membership features. Currently, over 300 of our customers at IT Retail utilize Local Express. 

Local Express is known for its impactful engagement in small businesses’ marketing and success initiatives, and their team is willing to spend time and effort to assist your grocery’s marketing campaigns to drive demand. 

Customer testimonial: “Our focus is on our customers and making sure they have a great experience throughout the entire shopping process. Local Express is instrumental in not only creating the best face of Seafood City online but also optimizing the backend eCommerce operations and synchronizing with our POS and other systems so every shopping trip is as close to perfect for the customer as possible.” - Jonas C., Seafood City

2. Mercato

This e-commerce and online grocery solution touts a time-efficient and customer-friendly delivery service. It promises not to employ third-party services, ensuring that every order will be hand-picked directly from your store. Its onboarding process also spans 24 hours. Currently, over one thousand IT Retail customers have integrated their POS with Mercato. 

As a Marketplace app – a designation which includes services like Instacart, DoorDash, and Uber Eats – Mercato is uniquely positioned to increase your potential customer base, as it already has a fulfilled user population. 

Customer testimonial: “Mercato was able to get our 50,000+ products online in just 24 hours. We are so fortunate to be able to help our customers across 11 store locations get the essential foods that they need during this hectic time.” - Russ G., Adams Hometown Markets

3. Freshop

This globe-trotter online grocery platform supports over 3,000 of our customers, across 10 countries. It provides full digital engagement for both grocery and specialty retail, and touts solutions for the mobile, fulfillment, and delivery processes. Freshop offers both credit card and EBT processing, and its onboarding process is typically completed in 24 to 36 hours. 

Freshop offers a great technology solution as a White Label app. Be aware, however, that its customer support reviews trend at the lower end of the spectrum. 

Customer Testimonial: “When it comes to finding a simple yet dynamic e-commerce solution, we have been continuously impressed with Freshop’s digital platform. From learning best practices, training for personal shoppers, and ensuring a seamless customer experience to helping find a third-party delivery solution we have been able to grow our e-commerce platform every step of the way. With the current retail landscape, all independent grocers no matter how big or small need an online solution and we feel Freshop has offered us the ability not only to compete but stand out as one of the best online grocers in our market!” - Alex F., Fishers Foods

4. My Cloud Grocer

This award-winning e-commerce solution offers a robust, customizable virtual storefront that encompasses all steps of the order process, from the initial form to doorstep delivery. My Cloud Grocer even offers powerful reporting and analytic tools, allowing your business to optimize its marketing processes. 

The online grocery platform’s onboarding process can take between four to 12 weeks – a period of time that’s been more than worth it for the over 50 IT Retail customers who have reported rave reviews. 

Customer Testimonial: “They didn’t only build our website to correctly represent our brand and made sure that every item has a good image, My Cloud Grocer photographers visit our stores periodically to photograph every new product. They also provide valuable input on our marketing strategies and send weekly digital circulars on our behalf. We are constantly receiving compliments on the ease of use and the ultra-fast loading speed of our website. The Shop-by-Recipe feature is very popular among our customers. It is also worth mentioning that when issues come up, My Cloud Grocer’s team is on top of their game and handles every situation professionally and expeditiously.” - David K., Western Kosher

5. GrazeCart

This online grocery platform is a great option for smaller retailers. Their intuitive solution offers all the tools you need to scale, including ordering, inventory, shipping, and more. They offer the option to build your own branded website using a no code editor. Last, but not least, they offer a sell-by-weight option, heavily simplifying the online grocery game. 

This e-commerce solution is new to IT Retail’s offerings, but is projected to be a standout amongst smaller vendors, due to its intuitive and easy setup. 

6. eGrowcery

This e-commerce platform utilizes a cloud-based technology structure to manage and fulfill online customer orders. It keeps pace with other providers on this list, with features including delivery time slot calendars, configurable payment types, online specials and group product promotions, and customizable product options, allowing customers to choose the ripeness of their fruit, or the thickness of their sliced meat. 

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Online Grocery Platforms and Your Small Business

It’s clear you have several great options to choose from… but which online grocery platform will gel best with your market? Sure, unique features, payment processing, and onboarding time will all factor into your decision, but it’s likely you’re concerned about integration with current software, and the learning curve process. 

As we’ve stated, all of the top online grocery platforms we’ve listed easily integrate with IT Retail’s POS solution, and indeed, have achieved vast success with anywhere from 50 to over one thousand customers. If you’re ready to facilitate a seamless online and in-store connection between your online grocery platform and your small business, we recommend investing in a solid POS solution first.

Looking to take your grocery store to the next level? Schedule a demo with our team at IT Retail today!