The Best POS Solution for Butchers


An often-overlooked section of grocers is butchers. Their businesses have overlapping needs with grocery stores, though with more specific requirements. However, many POS providers do not address the needs of butcher shops, even when offering grocery-specific solutions.

IT Retail understands the needs of butcher shop owners and managers. Our POS software is designed for use by small grocers, including butchers, and many of our system’s features make it ideal for use in butcher shops. Here are five reasons why you should consider using IT Retail’s POS system in your butcher shop.

1. Scanner/Scale

Our scanner/scale is designed for butcher shops and fish markets. It integrates seamlessly with our POS solution to shaving seconds off of every transaction. Your cashiers can be more efficient than ever with our scanner/scale. 

Not only will your checkout process become faster, but your customers will also be more satisfied with their service. Customers prefer quick checkouts and short lines, both of which are supported by our excellent scanner/scale. We believe it is the best scanner/scale in its class.  

While great equipment will help you become more efficient, there is not much point if it does not work well with your POS system. That is why our scanner/scale seamlessly integrates with our POS solution.   

With our modern, reliable, and efficient scanner/scale, your cashier can quickly weigh and scan your products to provide customers with faster service. 

2. Reporting  

IT Retail understands how important it is for you to see accurate reports on your butcher shop’s performance. With our powerful reporting feature, you can easily view the information relevant to your business. We provide quick-but-detailed glances into your store’s operations.  

IT Retail is unique in that we are a company founded by grocers for grocers. We know what information is most important, and how often you need to view that data. Additionally, beyond our own experience in the grocery industry, we have worked with our customers for over twenty-six years to perfect our reports.

Every report is designed for simplicity. Retailers should be able to access information regarding their store without hesitation or confusion, and with IT Retail’s reporting capabilities, you will know exactly how your store is performing.  

One way we simplify our reporting is with visual graphs. You can easily see product performance and the top-selling items at a glance. Additionally, with our ‘top performers’ tool, you can see exactly what your customers are purchasing. 

You can use our product sales report feature to filter each product by department or vendor, and you can see a full list of movers and non-movers. With IT Retail’s POS solution, you will have richly detailed, regular performance reports

3. History 

History is an important aspect of analyzing your store’s performance. While our reporting feature can accurately tell you how your butcher shop is operating currently, we can also provide you with historical reporting.  

You can learn the patterns of how your store performs to adjust your staffing and inventory appropriately. With the ‘top performers’ tool, you can see your key products and their behaviors per day to compare top-selling items by day. 

Our electronic journal records every transaction which you can go back and access later. You can digitally see the exact receipt from that transaction.

4. Accessibility

Because our POS software is cloud-based, you can access your store’s system from anywhere on any device. All you need is an Internet connection, and you can view reports or manage your store. 

You can keep track of your butcher shop wherever you go. Your data is securely stored in the cloud, so you never have to worry about the safety of your information and system. 

5. Customer Loyalty 

A customer loyalty program helps you engage with customers. By creating custom rewards earned through money spent at your store, you can create an emotional connection to your brand. Implementing a loyalty program will increase your customer retention and allow you to communicate easily with them.

IT Retail’s POS software allows you to easily create and implement a customer loyalty program. It will seamlessly integrate with our POS software and automatically apply rewards to the correct transactions.

The Best POS Solution for Butchers

Key Takeaways

  • IT Retail’s POS system is an excellent choice for butchers
  • Our scanner/scale allows cashiers to efficiently check out customers.
  • You can easily compare your past and current performance with our history reporting feature.
  • Our cloud-based system allows you to access your store from anywhere on any device.
  • You can easily create and implement a customer loyalty program. 
  • Accurate and regular performance reports gives you insight into your store’s operations.

If you own or manage a butcher shop, consider using IT Retail’s POS system in your store. Our features were designed for all grocers, including butchers, and we understand the unique challenges faced by butcher shops. With our powerful software and reliable hardware, your butcher shop can function more efficiently and profitably, subscribe to our blog