Why am I offline and what can I do?

**First Data sent an update down that broke the communication between IT Retail and First Data.**

First Step

Please send an email to support@itretail.com, with your store name, your name, your phone number, and the number of registers. IT Retail will call you first thing Monday morning.

Second Step

There are two options to get your store up and running, get stand beside terminals, or a square unit.

1. Stand Beside Credit Card Terminal

What is a stand beside POS solution?

A stand beside the terminal acts independently from the POS. The cashier will enter the amount the customer owes into the PIN pad, and the customer will complete the payment. This PIN pad operates separately from the POS.

Where can I purchase it?

To purchase a stand beside the terminal please reach out to your First Data rep. They should be able to overnight you one. If you are unable to get ahold of your rep please reach out to Chad Satterlee, chadsatterlee@gmail.com. The Stand Beside Terminal can work using an ethernet cable, WiFi, or dial-up. You will need to have someone at First Data add these terminals to your existing profile or set up a new merchant account so you can connect to the First Data host.

2. Square

What is square?

Square offers two types of readers. The first is a free reader that lets you swipe credit cards’ magnetic strips. It plugs into the headphone jack of an Android or iOS device. The second costs $50, allows you to take NFC payments and read chip cards. This one connects wirelessly to your phone.

Where to buy Square?

Please visit https://squareup.com/where-to-buy, on this website you can enter your zip code and find the nearest location to get set up with a Square account.

How do I set up Square?