Grocery Automation Software: Benefits + Top 12 Providers

As a grocery store owner, there are bound to be times when you could use an extra set of hands. 

Between keeping your shelves stocked and getting to know your customers, you can’t possibly do it all. 

Fortunately, grocery automation software can fill the gaps and make running an efficient, profitable store nearly effortless. In this blog, we’ll explore four types of grocery automation software — plus twelve providers we recommend.

All-in-One Grocery Point of Sale Software

If you want the most bang for your buck, we suggest prioritizing an all-in-one grocery point of sale (POS) software solution

This must-have tool can handle every aspect of your store’s operations, including processing transactions, monitoring your stock levels, running your customer loyalty program, and generating insightful reports

Let’s take a look at three of the top grocery POS software providers: 

  • IT Retail: At the top of our list is IT Retail. Our software is built by and for grocers like you, and has all the features you need to keep your store running smoothly and profitably, including inventory tracking, self-checkout functionality, a built-in customer loyalty program, and more. 
  • Markt POS: Markt POS is another all-in-one POS solution designed for small, specialty markets. If you’re looking for software to help you operate your butcher shop, seafood market, organic food store, or grocerant, Markt POS might have the perfect selection of features for you. 
  • Epos Now: If you’re new to owning a business or looking for something with the basics, Epos Now might be a good fit for you. This user-friendly option is a solid choice for processing sales transactions and reviewing simple sales reports. If you want more features in the future, you can opt for one of Epos Now’s flexible pricing plans.

While you might choose to invest in supplemental software tools to work alongside your POS system, this tool will have the biggest impact on your store’s operations. 

guide to grocery store payment processing

Grocery Inventory Management Software

Managing inventory is one of the most challenging items on your to-do list as a grocery store owner. 

If you understock your store, you’ll lose sales and customers, but overstocking will leave you with wilted produce and lower profits. 

Grocery automation software with robust inventory management features can help you navigate this tricky task and protect your bottom line. 

While your POS system should do the heavy lifting when it comes to monitoring your stock levels, the right grocery automation software can help you fine-tune your strategies, learn about your customers’ shopping patterns, prevent stockouts, and reduce waste

Here are a few inventory management software solutions to look into:  

  • Afresh: Afresh is an AI-powered grocery automation software solution that promises to help grocers reduce waste and save time on inventory management. This tool identifies where you’re losing the most product due to spoilage or missing out on sales due to stockouts, then helps you adjust your ordering strategies to keep profit margins high. 
  • Guac: Like Afresh, Guac also uses AI to streamline your grocery store’s inventory management process. It forecasts how much product you should order to stock your shelves, helping you find the perfect balance between preventing waste while still meeting your customers’ needs. 
  • Wasteless: Wasteless is an innovative software solution that lets you offer limited-time discounts on inventory that’s near its expiration date. This tool brings new customers through your door, makes fresh foods more affordable, and prevents waste. 

Adding one of these unique grocery automation software solutions to your toolbox can help you manage inventory like a pro. 

Grocery Marketing Software

As a grocer, you’re an expert in several areas. You know where to get the freshest produce, how to create a delicious-looking display, and how to provide the best customer service in the neighborhood. 

But what you might not be an expert in is marketing

Luckily, with the right grocery automation software, you don’t have to be. Marketing software can make attracting and retaining shoppers a breeze. You can use social media, SMS, and emails to connect with your customers. 

Let’s take a look at a few marketing tools that can take your grocery store to the next level: 

  • MailChimp: MailChimp is a software solution that helps you create eye-catching emails and send them to your most loyal customers. These newsletters can cover your current deals, upcoming promotions, and exciting announcements — keeping your shoppers engaged and encouraging them to stop by your grocery store. 
  • Hootsuite: If maintaining an active social media presence sounds like a chore, you should check out a social media management tool like Hootsuite. This software lets you create and schedule posts ahead of time, making social media marketing quick and easy. 
  • Your POS system: If you want to send SMS messages directly to your customers’ mobile devices, you might not need to invest in an additional tool! Many POS systems include built-in SMS marketing features, which let you create and schedule short messages. 

Using a mixture of email, SMS, and social media in your grocery store marketing strategy might seem intimidating, but these tools can help you save time while still spreading the word about your small business. 

Grocery E-Commerce Software

E-commerce is more than the grocery industry’s latest buzzword; it’s a way to expand your customer base, elevate your shopping experience, and make more sales. 

To reap the rewards of online grocery, you need grocery automation software with e-commerce capabilities. Your software should let you offer pickup and delivery services while seamlessly managing your in-store and online sales and inventory records. 

Here are a few grocery e-commerce tools to explore: 

  • Mercato: Mercato is a grocery e-commerce platform that lets you offer grocery pickup or delivery using its network of over 10,000 drivers. This provider also increases your store’s visibility by including you in the Mercato marketplace. 
  • eGrowcery: eGrowcery is a software tool that helps you streamline your online grocery operations. It manages your customers’ orders and gives you and your team the information you need to fulfill orders quickly and accurately. 
  • Local Express: Local Express is an e-commerce platform that makes it easy to create a custom website for your grocery store. This provider also offers an app that makes it even more convenient for your customers to shop with you on the go. 

Above all, your grocery e-commerce tool should integrate with your store’s POS software to ensure inventory and reporting accuracy. 

What’s the Best Grocery Automation Software?

We’ve given you a long list of grocery automation software solutions to choose from, covering everything from basic POS systems to AI-powered inventory management tools. 

So, where should you start?

If you want to see the biggest difference in your store’s efficiency and profits, we recommend starting with an all-in-one POS system like IT Retail

IT Retail’s inventory management, customer loyalty, and reporting features will help you meet customers’ needs, boost your sales, and plan for growth. Plus, we offer a wide range of integration options, so you can add additional grocery automation software when you need it. 

Ready to get started with IT Retail? Schedule a personalized demo today.