Self-Checkout POS System: 5 Top Options for Your Grocery

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your checkout experience and delight your customers… without breaking the bank? If so, you may consider implementing a self-checkout point of sale (POS) system in your grocery store.

As a grocery store owner, you understand the importance of providing a positive shopping experience for your customers. Self-checkout can help reduce wait times, improve efficiency, and help your store compete with the big chains. 

However, with so many available options, it can be challenging to determine which self-checkout point of sale system is best suited for your business.

We've done the research for you and compiled a list of the best self-checkout POS systems for grocery stores. We will discuss features and pricing for each solution so you have all the information you need to make a great decision for your store. 


Benefits and Pitfalls of Self-Checkout POS Systems 

Self-checkout systems have been around in the grocery industry for decades, but they’re only getting more popular in recent years. If you’re considering self-checkout for your grocery store, you have a lot to look forward to — and a lot to consider. 

Let’s start with the perks of offering self-checkout in your grocery store. One major advantage is increased efficiency and lower checkout wait times. With self-checkout, customers can quickly scan and bag their own items instead of waiting in long lines. Traditional checkout lanes can become congested during peak hours, causing frustration for both customers and staff. Providing additional checkout options like self-checkout can reduce those wait times.

Self-checkout can also help you save on labor costs. By introducing self-checkout stations, you can decrease the number of cashiers needed, allowing you to reallocate your staff to other areas of the store where their assistance may be more valuable. The bonus here is that you can both save cash on staffing and free up your employees to focus on providing exceptional customer service.

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Another interesting advantage is that self-checkout lanes free up valuable floor space. You can allocate that space for additional product placement by reducing the number of traditional checkout lanes. 

Of course, no solution is without its downsides. Self-checkout options come with some challenges, as well. One concern is the potential for shrinkage or theft. Without a cashier closely monitoring each transaction, you run the risk of customers intentionally or unintentionally bypassing payment for each item. However, implementing security measures such as surveillance cameras can help mitigate this issue.

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You may also face technical challenges related to your self-checkout system. Glitches in your self-checkout lanes can lead to frustrated customers and delays. When you invest in a solution like IT Retail, with 24/7 technical support, you can easily minimize these technical hiccups and get the most from your self-checkout system. 

Armed with this information, let’s take a look at five top providers for self-checkout point of sale systems! 


Best for: Large-scale retailers

Lightspeed POS offers a point of sale and e-commerce solution for retail stores and co-ops.  The Lightspeed platform simplifies management across all channels, enabling businesses to streamline operations and provide exceptional customer experiences.

One standout feature of Lightspeed POS is its customizable e-commerce design. This feature allows businesses to create a visually appealing and unique online presence that reflects their brand identity. This level of customization empowers companies to differentiate themselves in the market and provide a compelling online shopping experience for their customers.


Lightspeed’s pricing starts at $89 per month, but to get more advanced features and support, you may need to upgrade to the Standard package, which is $149 per month.


Best for: RFID integration

KORONA’s solution is built for quick service, event management, and ticketing in addition to retail stores. Their self-checkout kiosks offer integrated RFID checkout solutions, self-service event ticketing, and self-ordering integration at quick-service restaurants.

Another feature KORONA offers is contactless self-pay. Customers can use chip or tap-based credit cards to pay at these self-service kiosks, speeding up checkout time and providing a convenience checkout experience. 


KORONA’s solutions start out at $59 per month. However, if you want access to the full suite of enterprise features, you will need to request a custom quote. 

IT Retail 

Best for: Groceries and markets

IT Retail offers a point of sale solution designed by grocers, for grocers. The creators of IT Retail have been in the grocery industry for over 26 years, so we know the ins and outs of this ever-changing industry. 

Grocers can use IT Retail to gain critical insights into their business operations through advanced reporting and analytics features. You can also use IT Retail for inventory management, e-commerce, custom label printing, customer loyalty, and more. 

Our self-checkout solution provides shoppers and grocers with convenience and peace of mind. You can customize your checkout stations as needed, easily switching from cashier-assisted mode to self-service. We also offer security measures to reduce shrinkage from self-checkout theft, and provide 24/7 tech support in the event of technical issues. 


Our highly customizable solutions are individually built and priced for each customer! Create your dream solution using our build and price tool today.

IT Retail guide to POS hardware


Best for: Small retailers with limited transactions

Square offers a wide range of point of sale solutions and options for various industries from restaurants to retail and more. You can use Square for e-commerce, in-store sales, ticketing, and more.

Square’s interface is simple for staff and customers, and they even offer solutions that allow customers to scan a QR code to complete orders online. You can use Square’s simple Stand Mount hardware to offer a self-checkout station anywhere in your store.


Square’s pricing varies, starting with a free solution that charges fees per transaction. However, grocery stores looking for advanced features like self-checkout may need to choose their Premium package, which is custom-priced based on your store’s needs.

Markt POS 

Best for: Grocery and corner stores

Markt POS offers a point of sale solution filled with features and operating on a cloud-based infrastructure. Markt POS's all-in-one solution provides a single, unified interface that allows you to manage your entire store from one tool. 

You can use Markt POS’ self-checkout features to create a seamless checkout experience for your customers easily. This tool has features that can help reduce wait times. You can empower your employees to streamline checkout processes for multiple customers at once. Additionally, Markt POS offers weight verification and internal security door features to help ensure security. 


Markt POS offers fully customizable point of sale solutions for your store. You can get a custom quote using their transparent online pricing tool


Choose the Best Self-Checkout POS System For Your Store 

Offering self-checkout to your store’s customers can help you increase efficiency, lower costs, and improve customer experience at the same time. Any of the solutions listed in this post would be a great place for your business to start on your self-checkout journey!

If you’re looking for a self-checkout POS system that can offer your grocery store enhanced operational efficiency without sacrificing security and customer convenience, IT Retail might be the right solution for you.

Request a demo of IT Retail today to see how we can help your store implement self-checkout, improve inventory management, and more!