3 Ways Online Grocery Software Boosts Your Profits [+ Top Providers]

Nearly half of Americans have given online grocery shopping a try — and experts predict that this trend will continue to grow as more and more customers opt to browse grocery store aisles from the comfort of home.

If your small business doesn’t cater to these online shoppers, you could miss out on big sales and the chance to build a thriving customer base. 

In this blog, we’ll explore why and how to adopt an online grocery software solution, including the profit-boosting benefits of grocery pickup and delivery, the tools you need to launch your grocery e-commerce operation, and the best online grocery software providers. 

Why Your Small Business Needs Online Grocery Software

Online grocery software is quickly becoming a must-have for small businesses. Let’s explore why this tool is an essential ingredient for modern grocery store success. 

1. Boost Customer Satisfaction

Keeping your customers happy is crucial for maintaining a healthy bottom line, and offering services like grocery delivery and pickup is an excellent way to elevate the customer experience and meet the needs of your busiest shoppers. 

Instead of taking the time to travel to your store, browse each of your aisles, and fill their shopping carts with all the right items, an online grocery software platform allows your customers to check off their lists from anywhere, at any time. 

They’ll appreciate how convenient it is to shop with you and how effortless you’ve made it to keep their pantries stocked, giving them a reason to choose your grocery store again and again. 

2. Attract New Shoppers

Building a solid online presence is a critical step in any effective marketing plan, and offering online grocery services makes it easy for potential customers to discover your small business.

Shoppers who may not have otherwise visited your store might be drawn in by your convenient online grocery services — and they might even decide to become loyal customers. 

3. Make More Sales in Less Time

Online grocery software has the power to boost the overall efficiency of your small business and grow the number of sales you’re able to make during your open hours. 

By offering grocery delivery and pickup options through a streamlined online grocery software solution, you’ll be able to fulfill online orders and make in-store sales simultaneously, increasing your inventory turnover, sales volume, and overall profits. 

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How To Launch Your Online Grocery Operation

Getting into the grocery e-commerce game can seem intimidating, but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Most importantly, you’ll need a point of sale (POS) system that allows for e-commerce integration and an online grocery software platform. Together, these tools will allow you to make easy in-store and online sales, seamlessly track your inventory levels, and get detailed reports on your store’s financial performance. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top online grocery software options. 

1. GrazeCart

GrazeCart is an online grocery software solution designed to help small business owners sell meat, produce, cheese, and other grocery staples online. 

One of GrazeCart’s greatest strengths is its powerful features for selling perishable items. This platform makes it a breeze to sell freshly prepared items by weight while maintaining accurate inventory records to minimize spoilage and ensure that customers always get the right product for the right price. 

Along with GrazeCart’s robust inventory management and sales by weight features, this platform includes: 

  • Flexible options for pickup and delivery, allowing you to use your own delivery fleet or a nationwide carrier
  • An easy-to-use website builder that helps you craft an engaging online experience for your customers
  • Subscription capabilities to generate repeat business and increase customer loyalty

Check out GrazeCart’s website for a breakdown of their pricing options

2. Mercato

Mercato is an online grocery software solution that promises to help small business owners grow their sales through pickup and delivery services. 

Here are some key ways Mercato supports online grocery operations:

  • The Mercato marketplace gives your business visibility and enables users to place a convenient order for pickup or delivery
  • Mercato’s 100,000+ couriers guarantee same-day delivery of your customers’ orders
  • Two-way POS integration ensures seamless pricing, inventory counts, and sales records

Head to Mercato’s website to connect with their merchant team and get pricing information. 

3. eGrowcery

eGrowcery’s online grocery software helps small business owners manage their pickup and delivery services. 

The main appeal of eGrowcery is its suite of tools designed to streamline the ordering, fulfillment, and pickup or delivery processes to make online grocery more convenient for your customers and your team. 

Some of eGrowcery’s notable features include: 

  • Purchase history and one-click reordering to make grocery shopping simple for your busiest customers
  • A user-friendly administrative menu to make updating your products and images a breeze
  • A time slot calendar that allows your shoppers to schedule their pickup or delivery

Reach out to eGrowcery’s sales team to learn about their pricing options. 

4. Local Express

Local Express is dedicated to helping grocers launch and manage their online grocery operations. This provider offers: 

  • Custom branding to ensure that your e-commerce site matches the look and feel of your physical store
  • A convenient mobile app to allow your customers to place orders on the go
  • Options for pickup, delivery, and shipping management

You can check out Local Express’ tiers of service on their website. 

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Launch Your Online Grocery Operations With IT Retail

Ready to future-proof your small business with online grocery? Then you need a powerful grocery point of sale solution to support efficient, profitable operations online and in-store. 

If you’re in search of a grocery POS system that seamlessly integrates with all of these online grocery software providers, then check out IT Retail

Along with e-commerce integration, IT Retail has robust inventory management features to keep your shelves perfectly stocked, speedy checkout tools to keep your lines moving, and insightful reporting and analytics to help you grow your business. 

Schedule a personalized demo today with one of our industry experts to learn about how IT Retail can take your grocery store to the next level.